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Google Analytics 360

Welcome to the Google Analytics 360 Hub, formerly Google Analytics Premium (GAP). The ultimate destination with everything you need to know about advanced analytics. Find out if Analytics 360 is right for your business, and how Jellyfish can help you start to make better data-driven decisions. 


Advanced Implementation

Learn about how we tailor our support to suit your needs. From pulling customer data by encrypted ID, to getting under the skin of user behavior. 

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Data Collection

Analytics 360 accommodates for up to 20 billion hits per month, but custom packages are also available for higher hit limits. Whether this is collecting an individual hit, page view, screen view, event or e-commerce transaction; Analytics 360 collects it all.

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Data Sampling and Accuracy

Analytics 360 offers an impressive data limit, 50x times higher than Google Analytics at 50,000,000 sessions in any report, allowing for much more accurate reporting.

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Why use Jellyfish?

As one of the only fully-certified Google Analytics 360 resellers in the US, UK and South Africa, Jellyfish is proud to offer your business the enterprise solution in reporting. 

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What is Google Analytics 360 (formerly Google Analytics Premium)?

Analytics 360 is Google’s solution to a robust analytics platform, enabling significantly greater insight into user behaviors and granular acquisition paths.

With over 70 new functionality features released in 2014, Analytics 360 is taking the insight sector to a whole new level. By constantly innovating and improving features, Analytics 360 adds more horsepower, powerful new functionality, and enables valuable product integrations and insights into your business decisions.

Analytics 360 retains the look and feel of Google Analytics Standard. This means there’s no steep learning curve from the package we’re all familiar with.

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Is Google Analytics 360 right for me?

Are your online marketing efforts dependent on Google?

If you invest in Google for your media, then it makes sense to trust Google for your measurement and accountability. Many of the integrations with Google products such as AdWords and DoubleClick offer greater visibility, plus fresher, better data.

Do you create reports that rely on custom metrics and dimensions?

Analytics 360 offers more custom dimensions for deep segmentation from 20 (standard) to 200, allowing much greater insight into user behavior.

Do you receive over 10 million hits to your website monthly?

If so, then you may be experiencing some limitations with the free version of Google Analytics. At the entry level, Analytics 360 will process up to one billion hits per month, with unlimited processing options also available.

Is Google Analytics 360 difficult to use?

Simplicity with enterprise-level power! Analytics 360 retains the same look and feel of Standard GA, so you work with what’s already familiar to you. There is no steep learning curve as with other paid enterprise solutions.