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What is it like to work at Jellyfish?

We strongly believe that the people who work at Jellyfish enjoy being here, enjoy working on great client teams and enjoy practising their expertise with a strong and diverse group of people.

We care about what we do, and we care about the people with whom we do it. We invest in our staff in so many ways since we believe good people are worth keeping and growing with us. As a team, we deliver great work and have a great time doing it.

We know that the environment in which you work is a crucial part of working life. 

When we developed our workspaces, we wanted to provide an environment that helped nurture our staff and gave them the tools they needed to succeed. 

We promote collaboration, encouraging our teams to work together in one of our many dedicated team workspaces. 

Want to come and join the Jellyfish team?

Check out our current vacancies here

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