Tag Manager 360

Tag Manager 360 encompasses the Google Analytics 360 suite and provides a solution to manage all your tracking and tags, both Google Analytics and 3rd party related, all in one place. This is built upon the existing Google Tag Manager solution, but with some powerful extra features.

Instead of installing multiple codes for Google Analytics and various other tracking on your site, Tag Manager 360 requires one code to be installed across your site. This code is unique to your Tag Manager 360 container in which various tags can be created, set to fire upon any command you choose, and edited and published at your own pace. This includes:

  • Templates for supported Google and DoubleClick tags: Google Analytics, AdWords, Floodlight, etc.

  • Templates for certified vendor tags: comScore, Turn, Media6Degrees, Marin, Clicktale and more

  • Custom Tags: Custom image tags and custom HTML tags for all those non-templated tags

The benefits

Replacing the majority of code snippets on your site with the Tag Management 360 code means a faster loading time for your site as well as more flexibility and accuracy in how you chose to implement them.

With the ability to create and deploy tags in an instance, Tag Management 360 removes the need for code changes and eradicates the use of your development team – essentially bringing much more power into a marketer's hands. Hence, this tool is designed to enable marketers to act fast and form more efficient and confident decisions.


What's new?

  • Enterprise Support + SLAs

  • Improved collaboration and work flow, integrated with your business’ existing work flows

  • New Mobile SDK’s, providing an easier way to deploy and integrate

  • API to construct and configure containers and tags at a much larger scale

Tag Manager 360 can be purchased as part of your Google Analytics 360 licence, or can be purchased separately. We're well versed in the capabilities of Tag Manager 360 and how best to integrate. Get in touch if you want to discuss your requirements and if Tag Manager 360 is right for you and your business. 

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