Five current email marketing errors; are you guilty?

| 12 Feb, 2016

Email Marketing is far from dying. In fact, it is quite the opposite.‰

Jellyfish‰'s Email Marketing Director, Monica DiBartolo was featured in Jessica McGreal‰'s ‰Email Errors‰ article in B2B Marketing.

Email has become a large part of every professional‰'s daily routine and when used correctly can be a powerful marketing channel, however some errors are all too commonplace and threaten the very value of good email marketing, as well as crucial brand perception.

Email marketing

The article outlines the five email marketing mistakes that B2B marketers need to avoid, including:

1. Sticking to the same subject line

Mix it up! Following the same formula may bore your audience. Old school sales tactics are also out of favour like 'Last chance to register'. Brand authenticity is key, so Monica encourages people to have personality and not just always repeat what has worked in the past.

2. Oversharing

Keep copy short and straight to the point of audience interest. Keeping it short can act as a teaser too, giving them the very reason they need to click the links and read more...

3. Forgetting Mobile

45% of emails are read on mobile. Responsive emails are the best for optimum performance and this trend shows no sign of decreasing.

If your emails are not responsive it's always best to test sends manually. No one wants to be the person responsible for sending the email with a glaringly obvious error to half your readership.

4. Not segmenting data

Segmenting your audience needn't be complicated and can be done by their interests, remit and many other attributes. By choosing the quick and easy option of one template suits all with a medium to large database with different audience needs you are putting yourself first, not your prospects/clients.

Marketing automation has now made lead scoring of contacts commonplace. This indication of where they are in the brand awareness - engagement - customer - advocate cycle is a great way to tailor your communications.

5. Poor Personalisation

'Dear First Name'... But beyond those obvious errors! Lots of today's CRM's and marketing automation tools now enable you to use previous engagement or purchase history to drive dynamic content. Now that's personal.

Read the full article in February's edition of B2B Magazine.

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