Jellyfish’s free SEO tools featured in Econsultancy's top pick

| 27 May, 2015

Econsultancy feature two of Jellyfish’s free SEO tools in their pick of resources to make your SEO management (and life) easier.

The list is a combination of free (a la Jellyfish’s) and paid tools that aid things like on-site optimisation, link analysis and content.

 For the full article click the below image:

30+ SEO tools

Jellyfish featured tools featured included The Jellyfish Search Snippet Tool.

Preview and optimise how your page will look in the SERPs for higher click-through rates

Jellyfish Search Snippet tool

This simulator of Google's SERPs is very simple to use – you just put your title, meta description, and your website URL– then it produces the visual of the search result listing.

SERP preview

Being able to see it ensures you can refine how it displays, ensure the right content is on the right lines and most importantly, that it all fits!

The Jellyfish Google Penalty Checker was also featured.

To check whether you’ve been penalised by Google updates

By simply uploading your website URL, the penalty checker can plot your site’s visibility performance against Google updates on a timeline.

This is so you can check for any correlation of dips in visibility and Google updates – which would indicate that you’ve been penalised by an update and should locate the cause.

SEO Director, Nick Fettiplace, explains how to ascertain if you could be in breach of Google webmaster guidelines and have suffered a penalty, and for tips on how best to remove manual penalties in this video.  

Here’s more information on the Jellyfish Google Penalty Checker or click below to go directly to it:

Jellyfish Penalty Checker

It is also a vital tool for checking for any possible negative SEO attacks on your site.

Negative SEO is when black hat SEO’s have used new Google update features against you to decrease your site visibility and SERP rankings.

This happened to us last year in the form of low quality backlinks, the focus of the Penguin 3.0 update that happened on October 17th (2014).

We hope you get use out of the tools. Jellyfish’s SEO hub is home to tools we’ve built like these, the latest information on Google algorithm updates and lots of other useful resources, like an SEO glossary, so feel free to bookmark it for future use.

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