Marketing Week champion Jellyfish and Fitbit's social video engagement scores

| 12 May, 2015

Marketing Week feature the Jellyfish and Fitbit case study to highlight the impact of using rich content across social channels.

Jellyfish were tasked with helping health and fitness brand, Fitbit, reach broader audiences with their video marketing campaign and soon recognised the potential value of, the recently released, Twitter Promoted Video (TPV).

Using this paid channel at the same time as their TV advertising campaign drove record engagement; a prime example of rich multimedia propelling awareness via social.

For the full article click below:

Marketing Week Fitbit Jellyfish coverage

Marketing Week highlight the need for brands to stand out in the fight for awareness and conversion as digital consumption grows.

IAB/PwC internet-enabled devices per household data:

  • 1.7 Smartphones
  • 1.3 laptops
  • And 4 out of 10 households bought a tablet

Fitbit were keen to increase online engagement at the same time as their TV advertising campaign, especially when presented with Twitter Promoted Video's granular targeting. 

Gareth Jones, vice-president and general manager EMEA at Fitbit, recognises social video marketing as “a highly potent” form of advertising.

And by using TPV, not only did Twitter interactions peak whenever the TV commercial aired, but Fitbit saw:

  • An engagement rate of 4.7%*
  • 2 million impressions
  • 12,000 visits to the Fitbit website

(The average engagement benchmark is 1-3%. Engagement is defined by the proportion of people exposed to a tweet who watched a video/TV ad, retweeted, ‘favourited’ or replied.)

Marketing Week state the cause of rich content demand as:

‘...because people want to interact with you and not be sold to.” 


Social marketing takeaways:

  • Twitter are set to go beyond just Periscope for video streaming to sharing that can reach/followers outside of your existing audience with newly developed Amplify
  • Try programmatic and only pay for engagement as watching video content on mobile continues to rise
  • Go viral and time activities around seasonal events and trends like SunLife, whose fun Facebook April Fools ‘ensure your beard’ campaign was viewed more than 50,000 times and got 6,000 likes
  • Combine offline experiential with online social promotion like Coral’s pig racing campaign at the Cheltenham Festival which increased Twitter presence, shop visits and betting app downloads

Learn more about how Jellyfish Social & SEO services can help your brand here.

See the full Fitbit case study here.


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