Mobile Search: Context, answers, action

| 13 Aug, 2015

Digital Journeys 2015 took place in Brighton and welcomed digital marketing experts across a range of disciplines to inform and challenge our perceptions of customer journeys today. 

Google's Director of Performance, Matt Bush, led the Digital Journeys event with his keynote "Mobile Search: Context, answers, action".

Mobile search

The keynote address saw one of the original Digital Journeys presenters and Google thought leader, Matt Bush, tackle the ever growing topics of mobile and search in his presentation “Mobile Search: Context, answers, action”.

Watch Matt’s full presentation here.

He was clear not to just give statements about how important mobile is, but delved into the ways that search data reveals truths about what people are thinking, feeling, and intending to do. Marketers can now watch this play out in real time on Google Trends.

Matt highlighted the importance of the role of mobile search in users' upper-funnel behaviour, which, when well understood, can have enormous impact for brands. For example, car manufacturer Fiat was able to position itself as a leader in the small car category in the US by showing up against key branded terms. 

This not to understate mobile's impact on driving users to action - 50% of consumers who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit that store within a day. And 18% of those actually go on to make a purchase on that day. When intent from search is combined with user signals, like location, time of day, and interest, marketers can be more and more effective in sending the right messages to their audiences in the right moments. 

While Matt covered ten trends driving mobile advertising, his core message was clear and thus featured in Marketing Magazine “mobile is ten times more valuable than marketers think." Read more on this topic on Matt's IAB blog post here

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