Why do people buy Twitter followers?

| 16 Oct, 2012

You wouldn’t buy your friends, so why would you buy Twitter followers?

You can’t type ‘Twitter followers’ into a tweet without getting spammed by bots telling you that you can buy Twitter followers for as little as $1. What a bargain. When these offers first started filling up my Twitter stream a year or so ago, I didn’t think much of it. Just another bit of spam for me to ignore. Why would I want to buy Twitter followers? I couldn’t have been more wrong. It seems like anyone who is anyone is buying Twitter followers.

The number of Twitter followers you have has become the online version of having the best car in the neighbourhood. The higher the number of Twitter followers you have, the more people think you are influential. In a world where you can buy followers, is the number of Twitter followers you have really a mark of online success?

So, what are the benefits of buying Twitter followers? 

You wouldn’t buy your friends and they say money can’t buy you love, so why do people buy Twitter followers? The answer is that they are looking for a quick fix. They want to embrace social and they want success now. If a company or authority figure is starting out on Twitter, it can be slow progress building up followers and effectively starting from scratch, even if you are an established name. Many companies, figures or their agencies buy Twitter followers as an interim method to boost their followers until they acquire enough real followers. The downside of this is that you need to manually block your fake followers once you have the ideal number which, depending on the amount of followers you purchase, can be a time-consuming task.

I’m not an advocate for buying Twitter followers. I’m a believer in meaningful and relevant social media. If social media is word of mouth online, you want to make sure that you are having the conversation with someone who is interested not whoever will listen for the right price.

Thanks to the Status People’s Fake Follower Check you can see how many fake followers you, your company, your competitors or famous people have. It’s a great little tool to bookmark for future use if you spot a Twitter handle that you think has too many followers to be true.

Make an amazing community

Whilst I can understand the need for CEOs to see results fast, social media is something that needs to be nurtured to see lasting results. Social media is like a Christmas cake. Keep feeding it with the right ingredients little and often and you’ll end up with the perfect outcome.

Your Twitter followers should be the people you want to engage with your brand or who you think should be engaging with your brand. Your followers should be made up of a mixture of influential people, newbies, advocates and customers that can help you to increase brand awareness and organically grow your Twitter followers list.

How can I gain an impressive number of Twitter followers?

There is no successful overnight way to gain Twitter followers. Having success with Twitter is all about creating an amazing community of followers who actively engage with you. That way, the number of Twitter followers you have will grow organically with meaningful and relevant followers. Another way to gain followers is to tweet interesting and/or inspiring content; give people a reason to follow you.

Top tips to gain Twitter followers

  • Undertake some social media monitoring to find out who is talking about you and follow them. As they are potentially advocates of your brand, they’re likely to follow you back.
  • Engage with those talking about you. Have conversations, share insight and be social. People are more likely to follow you if they see you engaging.
  • Find your niche and make your tweets count. Give people a reason to follow your Twitter account.
  • Scheduling the odd tweet here and there is fine but remember to get a real person behind the account. If people know there is a real person behind the brand they are more likely to follow you. 
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