What is DoubleClick Bid Manager?

DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) is the demand-side-platform (DSP) that allows you to reach your customers when and where it matters.

The programmatic buying platform gives access to display inventory across ad exchanges to accurately bid, precisely target and effectively optimize your digital marketing campaigns.

DoubleClick Bid Manager benefits 

Consistent customer conversations - Communication is in unison across the platforms with the flexibility to buy mobile, video, and display campaigns in one place.  

Real-time data - Cookies are updated in real-time, providing always relevant information that allows for segmented and organized audience data from any source.  

Huge time savings - Eliminate delays with shared placements, creatives, pixels and audiences.

Proprietary data and algorithms - Leverage Google’s proprietary audience segments and machine learning that can intelligently transact against any RTB impression changes to accurately bid, precisely target and effectively optimize your campaigns.

Key tools & features

In-market/similar audiences

  • Reach people based on their specific interests as they browse pages, videos, and content using contextual targeting options
  • Target and identify audiences similar to your existing remarketing list


Content verification

  • Content verification & ad blocking ensure ads appear in the right context for that brand


TrueView bidding

  • Access YouTube programmatic inventory with a cost-per-view (CPV) format
  • Pay only when viewers choose to engage

How does DoubleClick Bid Manager interact with the rest of the DoubleClick by Google platform?

As the center of the display ad bid management, DoubleClick Bid Manager is an integral part of the DoubleClick digital solutions. 

Unified platform

  • Use the same floodlights and cookies to track and report across all tools in DoubleClick
  • Achieve maximum programmatic reach with 100% data retention

Enhanced audience information

  • Sync remarketing lists from DoubleClick Search and custom audience lists created in DoubleClick Campaign Manager
  • Leverage proprietary Google Audience segments only available in DoubleClick Bid Manager

Unified insights

DoubleClick Bid Manager allows for campaign knowledge from DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Search and Google Analytics to directly inform bidding.

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