Which part of the UK has the most Bregret?

| 22 Jul, 2016

The people have spoken. On the 23rd of June we voted to leave the European Union.

As it turned out, the vote was very similar to a prediction we made a week before the Referendum in an analysis of sentiment on Twitter.

Take a look below - our sentiment analysis is on the left, with the actual results on the right.

On the back of this research our Associate Director of Social & Outreach Hannah Rainford wrote about the future of social media polling for City A.M. Check it out, it’s a great read.

It was a narrow victory for Leave and with no plan for actually exiting the EU in place much of the country is up in arms over the result. So much so that over 4 million people have signed a petition for there to be a second EU referendum.

Which parts of the country are showing the most ‘Bregret’ over the result?

We made another map showing the percentage population of each constituency who have signed the petition. As you’ll see, there are some interesting results.

The petition is most popular in major cities in the South of England – unsurprising considering the strong support for Remain in these locations.

Fascinatingly, in London over one in ten people have signed the petition! Hornsey & Wood Green in north London had the highest percentage population of signatories, with 18.59% putting their name to the petition.

We spoke to Catherine West – MP for Hornsey & Wood Green, who campaigned tirelessly for Remain – asking her what she thought of this result and what her plans are going forward. She said:

“I still believe that the UK is stronger and more secure in the EU, and I will continue to stand with the people of Hornsey and Wood Green on this issue by voting against invoking Article 50 when a vote is held in parliament.

“Thousands of people have already contacted me about the call for a second referendum and over 4 million people have signed a national petition, which means it will be considered for a Parliamentary debate. I look forward to this debate and the opportunity to highlight the implications of this referendum for the country and for our communities. I hope its conclusions can be worked into Labour’s next manifesto.”

What’s more surprising is that although 30% of Scots voted to Remain in the EU, only 3.5% have signed the petition for a second referendum. Likewise, in Northern Ireland, although 25% of the population voted to Remain, only 3.8% of the population signed the petition.

Here’s a chart showing which towns/cities across the UK showed the most and least support for a second referendum.

Digging deeper into the data, we can see that the majority (54%) of signatures were made by people residing in Conservative controlled constituencies – an interesting challenge for the new government formed by Theresa May.

The petition has attracted attention from some big names. Derren Brown is roundly in support for a second stab at Bremain:

Whereas Piers Morgan, unsurprisingly, has some rather scathing things to say on the matter.

For anyone that’s interested the petition will be debated in Parliament on the 5th of September at 4:30pm.



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