Atlantic Row in the lead

| 21 Jan, 2014

Despite only having each other for company, morale was high over the Christmas period for Dan and Will.

Celebrating Christmas, New Year and Dan's 29th birthday all in two weeks was enough excitement to keep spirits up out on the Atlantic Ocean. After a drawn out challenge with 2 Boys In A Boat for the lead in the pairs category, Atlantic Row raced ahead earlier this month after doing some spring cleaning to help speed themselves along. This has taken Dan and Will into fourth place overall with an estimated finish time of 28th January - although with only 300 miles left they may land sooner.

With one team finished already and two due to finish today, Atlantic Row will be the next team to land ashore with over 70 miles and growing between them and the next team. Keep an eye on their progress using the Yellowbrick app.

Despite the boys making the most of their situation, conditions are still very hard out on the open ocean with sore bottoms, exhausting heat, strong winds and flying fish to contend with. However, this has been countered by a couple of calls home to the family and a visit from a friendly whale.

Visit the Atlantic Row website

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