ClickTale integration with Google Analytics

| 16 Jul, 2014

Good news for optimisers: The new ClickTale integration with Google Analytics gives to the CRO switched-on decision makers, one more cool tool to work with. 

Customer Experience Analytics (CEA) is the next generation of web analytics solutions, monitoring the visitors’ online behaviour by recording their user journey and visualising their activity on different kinds of heat maps, reports & dashboards. Customer Experience Analytics offer deep insights that help companies improve online customer experiences and increase revenues at a fraction of the cost for a one-off traditional eye-tracking survey. So when CEA industry leaders like ClickTale announce integrations with web analytics giants like Google Analytics, it’s only good news for web-businesses that engage with CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation).

Jellyfish Agency CT Reportsdeck

ClickTale technology

Usability testing can to be a time-consuming process that involves hunting down real, live people and raising incentives for them to test your site that for many businesses just isn’t time and cost effective. With CEA solutions like ClickTale the face of usability testing has changed forever, allowing you to record your visitors’ behaviour while they are on the site and present the data in an innovative, easy-to-understand way.

ClickTale tracks, monitors, records and analyses the user interactions on-page as well as the visitors’ navigation flow throughout the website. By reporting on the clicks, hovers, scrolls, keystrokes and different page transitions, it allows you to gain invaluable insight to the areas that are in need of optimisation on your website, directing you in testing new approaches to increase conversion rates and ultimately performance. ClickTale achieves that by offering user journey recordings and visualisations of the harvested website data in the form of mouse-move, click, attention and scroll-reach heatmaps, form & link analytics reports as well as user customisable conversion funnels.

Jellyfish Agency CT dashboard 2

How you can use the integration

If you are a GA user that has ClickTale access and you want to view the actual interaction of a user segment that you picked up as a really interesting one in GA after your analysis, you can now do just that. Simply add a small snippet of code on the web pages that you think will harvest interesting interaction of high business value, if not site-wide.

Jellyfish Agency script image

Visitor ID data will be harvested under a custom variable. After the insertion and some time given for your visitors to interact with the site, so that both GA & ClickTale can harvest these data, you can use GA to define and report on the segment that you’re interested in, displaying also the ClickTale Visitor IDs of its users by adding the ClickTale custom 'Variable' as a sub-dimension to your segment’s dimensions. You can then use these IDs to search for specific recordings or use in ClickTale reports.

Create a GA custom report that includes ClickTale’s custom variable

  • Go to "Custom Reporting" 
  • Click on "+ New Custom Report" 
  • Select the Metrics and Dimensions necessary to define the segment you want to target and review 
  • Add "Custom Variable (Key 1)" as a sub dimension to any dimensions you've already added 
  • Save the Custom Report under a relevant name (eg. SegmentA ClickTale IDs)

Jellyfish Agency GA Customer report

After you have created your new Custom report, you can view the list of ClickTale User IDs that fit your targeted user segment and are within the performance zone that you are investigating.

To view recordings for a specific User ID, you then simply log into your ClickTale account and use these Visitor IDs to filter reports or recordings.

Jellyfish Agency CT report

The advantages of the integration

  • You can now utilise Google Analytics to identify users that are representative of a segment you want to investigate or you are interested in and view their session playback & behaviour using ClickTale 
  • Leverage existing investments in GA databases, funnels and analytics reports to learn more about visitor usability and in-page behaviour.
  • Extending the GA’s segmentation capabilities, you can use the integration to watch the video recordings of targeted visitors’ browsing sessions to gain great optimisation insight on how customers successfully convert and where and/or why visitors hesitate or drop out.
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