Digital Journeys 2016: Back to Basics The Summary

Blog | 22 Sep, 2016

Last week saw our fifth Digital Journeys event take place at our offices in The Shard, London. 

‘Back to Basics’ was our most successful event to date, welcoming over 170 guests from a wide number of brands who gathered together for a day of digital marketing inspiration.

With the likes of Google, Microsoft, YouTube, IBM and Feefo leading the way, we looked at core marketing – stripping it back to basics and focusing on how to strategize effectively in an increasingly information-rich and technological world.

Out-think Your Competition

Dave Trott, Advertising Creative, Author and Agency Founder

Are smart marketers over complicating strategies and not addressing simple matters? Advertising Creative, Author and Agency Founder Dave Trott talks about how to outsmart the competition, whilst remembering that your customer IS your media – regardless of the ever changing trends in marketing. Understand how impact, communication and persuasion form the three key stages in any successful marketing campaign.


Watch the full presentation here


Google: Audiences for Search Advertising                                        

Matt Bush, Director of Performance at Google

Although Google is incredibly complex in terms of a search platform, the ultimate goal is for it to be extremely simple for the user – and to listen to questions. Matt focuses on the three principles of search marketing:

Be personal: think about the context of that person and give them the information they really want

Be actionable: make sure that person can actually do something with that ad and can make a decision quickly

Be measured: connect those customer journeys on and offline


Watch the full presentation here


Knowing and Influencing your Audience

Thomas Schmidt, VP Product Marketing, Brandwatch

How can you leverage social media to understand how best to communicate with your audience? For us marketers, we need to understand our audience. We call this decade the age of the customer, because they have so many options available to them.

Thomas looks at how to define social audiences, create relevant topics and then expand your reach without alienating your core audience.


Watch the full presentation here


Word of Mouth Gets Louder

Matt West, Feefo

Do we underestimate how powerful the word of mouth can be in our marketing strategies? Matt goes through some interesting statistics and examples of how brands are doing this right, and why even just one positive online review on a service or product can make an impressive impact on sales. By understanding what your customers are saying about you, think about how you can integrate this feedback into your marketing strategies.


Watch the full presentation here


Marketing Made Simple: Survival of the Fastest

Jeremy Waite, Strategic Marketing Evangelist, IBM

Four out of five executives are overwhelmed and under prepared for the challenges their business is going to face in the next five years and are therefore more likely to make marketing decisions based on emotion. Jeremy talks about the challenges that business leaders face when deciding which martech solutions are right for their business, but also be aware that the time spent capturing data does not impact the time spent adding value to customer relationships.


Watch the full presentation here


Panel: A New Era: Automating Customer Choice

Ian Stanley, EMEA Marketing Director, HubSpot

Jeremy Waite, Strategic Marketing Evangelist, EMEA, IBM

Phil Draper, CMO, dotmailer

Chaired by Monica DiBartolo, Email Marketing Director, Jellyfish

Marketing automation is a current buzzword – but how do we effectively work it into our marketing strategies? The panel discuss investment in automation, how it can be affordable, personalization, email blocking and ultimately, the customer journey and experience.


Watch the full presentation here


Panel: Spearheading Marketing Transformation: Lessons Learned

Gareth Case, Marketing Director, UK & Ireland, CSC

Joel Windels, VP Marketing, Wandera

Simon Kingsnorth, Global Head of Digital Marketing, Citi Private Bank

Chaired by James Parker, Head of Data, Jellyfish

The panel warmed up by sharing their experiences of how any traditional marketing team must have an injection of digital skills in-house, as there is often a lack of knowledge on how fully utilize the tools available. They then went on to discuss the first six months as a marketing lead, including key ways to build an effective marketing team and how best to manage stakeholders.


Watch the full presentation here


The Death of Digital

Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft

Dave kicked off with several reasons as to why ‘digital’ must die.

Digital is no longer new. We’re about to enter the third age of computing.  We no longer program computers;  we teach them and help them to learn. Everything is based on algorithms - which are essentially just statistical probabilities of getting what you asked ‘right’. Algorithms are reflections of who we are and our behaviors as humans. We are now the curators of our online experiences and are building the artificial intelligence each and every day.


Watch the full presentation here


CTRL + ALT + DEL: Taking Data back to basics

Julie Jeancolas, Head of Agencies, Media Buying Solutions, Google UK

People are expecting brands to collect and use their data on two conditions; that you still give them control over sharing their data and you also deliver them value through marketing.

Knowing where people are likely to be, who they are and their passions is far better than guess work data trying to mimic the population.  People now use on average 4.5 technology platforms – this means lots of productivity and efficiency and by putting data in front of people via these platforms we can enhance their lives. The power of data can be simplified, to enrich user experiences and outcomes.


Watch the full presentation here


The Cultural Impact of YouTube

Charlotte Morton, Head of Creative Agency Relationships, YouTube

YouTube is a culture engine, the place where people go to experience moments in culture. It’s also where culture is reclaimed. This can intimidate brands because it comes with risk. However, native YouTube content is now extremely attractive to viewers with incredible viewing numbers, reaffirming that YouTube is not only reflecting the world but creating new stars, businesses and trends.


Watch the full presentation here


Creating the Perfect Digital Marketing Plan

Consultant, Author & Founder of SOSTAC ® Plans, PR Smith

In this session, PR Smith introduces the SOSTAC ® Plan, a framework designed to help create the perfect marketing strategy. He explains why decision making is key and often overlooked as a skill, then gives tips on how to make the right decisions. He also shares other frameworks that can be found in his book in order to facilitate each step of marketing planning from Situation Analysis through to Control.


Watch the full presentation here


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