Digital Journeys 2017: The event summary... did you miss it?

Blog | 08 Aug, 2017

Digital Journeys: Sixth Sense

Where the worlds of machines, emotional intelligence and creativity collide.

On July 20th, Jellyfish’s 6th annual day of digital marketing inspiration took place in the Shard.

Brands, tech giants and digital gurus flocked to learn what leading brand and tech leaders are doing now, to set themselves apart in the future.

The programme of Snapchat, Google, Twitter, DoubleClick, CMO’s and more - gave attendees the chance to fully grasp how machine learning and artificial intelligence could help or hinder their future marketing efforts.

Top 10 Digital Journeys takeaways

Here are some poignant highlights from the experts presentations.

1. Marketing is still the same – it’s knowing your audiences and building personas - before any layering of technology and tactics.

2. Applying similar and lookalike audiences (powered by machine learning) to your customer segments – is an accessible way to execute personalisation at scale.

3. Three user behaviour tips to take advantage of:

  • The average person spends 3 hours 8 minutes a day online 
  • 85% of millennials - people born after 1995 - don't even watch TV 
  • 50% of people go online purely to ‘waste time’ for entertainment 

4. Think what assistive technology you could introduce to enhance your customer experience. Because if your customer interactions that are faster, seamless and more relevant - you’ll soon become king of your one-to-one brand experience.

5. Machine learning is so advanced, IBM claim their AI tool Watson is better at cancer diagnosis than human doctors. From bots to analytics, take a peek at their APIs here -, or learn a bit more about the technology.

6. Good online advertising can be broken down into a three-step process:

  1. Qualify your audience
  2. Reach your audience
  3. Make decisions using data

7. Don’t be afraid of feelings - because despite all the technology in the world, feelings and emotions are why the CMO role is still very much alive.

8. A simplified way to get ahead in search, is to know content is king, look at your link profile and understand RankBrain.

9. Listening, communicating and interacting are the best ways brands are using social right now. Think someone tweeting something about Pizza – then getting a message with a discount, or live updates on your ongoingly challenging train journey. How could you enhance your brand experiences using social?

10. Google Cloud is essentially Google sharing the technology they used to build everything Google. And a lot of it is open source! Take a look at their infrastructure, data analytics and machine learning to see what fits your needs here -


Watch the presentations in full

Watch the below or tune into our YouTube playlist:

Consumer experiences in the age of assistance
Peter Giles - Agency Sales, Google


From intuitive marketing to data driven marketing... and back
Celine Bannino – CMO, Strauss Coffee BV


AI: The future of marketing & the death of the CMO
Jeremy Waite – Evangelist, IBM


The technology powering Snap's ads platform - Live event exclusive
Fintan Gillespie - Head of eCommerce & Streaming, Snapchat


The changing face of search & personalization
Simon Heseltine – VP of Search,


Smarter marketing in an AI first world
Phil Miles - Director, Google (DoubleClick)


Panel - Future proofing your marketing team
Maciej Piwoni - Sage, Matt West - Feefo, Lucia Mastromauro – King, Chaired by Rob Pierre – Jellyfish


Tasty candies, sweet ads, machine learning & AI: The invisible alchemy - Live event exclusive
Lucia Mastromauro, MD & Alex Arias, VP Data Products - King Advertising EMEA


Evolutionary computation: The 'other' AI
Jonathan Epstein – Senior VP, Sentient


Personalised customer journeys
Emily Booth – Partner Manager, IBM


Brilliant bots & Twitter
Chris Bailes – Head of Agency Sales, Twitter


Marketing meets science
Chris Gale - Cloud Platform Sales, Google


Panel - Who is winning the race for artificial intelligence?
Matt Bush - Google, Jeremy Waite - IBM & Dave Coplin - Microsoft, Chaired by Emily Tan - Campaign

Until next year!

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