Eliminate click-happy non-converters and more with RLSA

Blog | 08 Mar, 2017

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, or RLSA, is a powerful way to leverage past user behaviour in order to inform spend allocation and improve performance. Depending on your business model, there are countless audience lists to create that can help meet campaign goals.

Maximise Results for Repeat Visitors

If repeat conversions are of equal value to your business, converter lists are a powerful tool.  For a real estate listing site, we target past converters through bid-only list applications. First, we built out lists for people who had converted and applied them to ad groups with a 0% bid adjustment. After letting data gather and assessing the results, we learned that those who had previously converted on the site were much more likely to convert on subsequent visits to the site. In fact, returning converters have a conversion rate more than 3 times higher than the account as a whole.


Avoid Perpetual Window Shoppers

In addition to getting more out of your existing converters, RLSA can also be used to mitigate the damage done by click-happy non-converters. The listings site has a ton of inventory to browse and content to read, and through the application of audience lists, we’ve learned there are perpetual browsers who only window shop. 

We learned this by applying a list of those who had visited but had not converted in the last 30 days to ad groups, again with a 0% bid adjustment.

After learning these users were indeed less likely to convert on follow-up visits, we began bidding down. Through these customised bids, we were able to bring the CPL for these users in line with the account overall.

Additionally, for our accounts where unique visitors are a major priority, we either entirely exclude or at least bid down on any returning visitor. This allows us to put more of our ad spend towards those unique visitors.


Witness the Power of RLSA and DSA

We’ve also seen success with layering RLSA on top of DSA, or Dynamic Search Ads.

As users continue down the funnel, their searches tend to get more specific – and long tail. These very specific, long tail search terms are ideal for DSA.

By crawling site content, DSA is able to match a user’s query to the most relevant landing page.

This is especially beneficial for capturing those further in their research phase, as their queries usually go beyond a standard keyword list. And, if someone is searching again for something that specific, their intent is that much higher.

CPL (cost per lead) for our RLSA DSA campaigns is 31% lower than their non-remarketing counterparts. 


Utilise Custom Messaging

RLSA opportunities continue to expand with the introduction of IF statement ad copy customiser and similar audience targeting.

Through IF statements, customised messaging can be served based on audience list membership. This is a great opportunity to introduce sequential messaging at scale, without having to build out individual RLSA campaigns set to target and bid.

Similar audience targeting also creates a great opportunity to reach those whose search activity matches your most valued customers. It’s a great way to expand reach and bid on upper funnel keywords that might otherwise be out of reach. Because these searchers look more like your converters, or another highly valuable group of people, it’s a safer bet so a higher CPC could be tolerable.


Focus on the Searcher, not the Search

RLSA presents a range of opportunities for improving campaign performance. Letting past user behavior and audience list membership dictate your bids and budget allows them to better reflect your actual willingness to pay.

Intent can be gauged via keyword, but it’s more powerful to layer on the signals a user’s behavior tells us.

Using RLSA in this way gets even more powerful when used in conjunction with other products, like DSA and IF statements. And, as PPC becomes more focused on the searcher and not the search, RLSA will become an even more important tool to have in your arsenal.

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