Emotional Response Testing

| 04 Sep, 2014

Whether you’re planning a website re-design, a new brand to sit within your product range, or a complete brand identity overhaul, you’d be well advised to clarify how your brand is currently perceived by customers. A great first step is to confirm whether your view is in line with the opinions of website users.

At Jellyfish we conduct Emotional Response Testing for clients, looking for assistance with the following issues:

  • Clients thinking of changing their brand and their website, needing direction on how their brand could be improved
  • Clients that don’t know if their brand is connecting with their target demographic
  • New owners of a company that want to get a genuine perception of the target demographic of the brand they have bought

Emotional Response Testing is conducted via an online questionnaire. Participants are usually recruited from your company’s email database and incentivised to complete this test on a third party online survey tool. For example, we recently completed this test for a client in the financial services sector:

1. Users were asked to rate the homepage design on how the design felt to the user. The below graph shows how the users perceived the design, based on plotting against opposing qualities:


2. Users were then asked to rate how they would Ideally like to think of the brand as a company:


3. Results

The longer the bar the higher the disparity which indicates the design is not delivering against users expectations.

  • Pink – rated how participants ideally would like to think of the brand
  • Yellow – how participants rated the existing homepage

As you can see from the above graph, many of the qualities were very close to the participant's ideal ratings for the brand. The highest disparity was on the simple/complex axis, where the existing site rates as somewhat simple whilst participants are looking for something very simple.

The design was rated as marginally below participant's ideals in the related qualities of safe, predictable and by-the-book. The site, if anything is slightly too risk taking and surprising.

Overall we found that the design is performing well; better than we would expect for a typical site. This is a positive result and broadly speaking the design meets user's emotional needs and expectations for the brand.

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