From intern to executive: Amy Jo's journey at Jellyfish so far

Blog | 09 Feb, 2018

My name’s Amy Jo and I’m a Content Marketing Executive. I have worked on campaigns for global brands and smaller businesses across numerous sectors since joining Jellyfish in December 2016. Every day is different and I genuinely enjoy my job. So, how did I end up in the position I am today? It all started with a university internship scheme.


I studied a joint honours degree in English and Media Studies at the University of Sussex. A few months after graduating with a 1st, I heard about the university’s paid internship scheme. The University of Sussex were advertising for a huge variety of roles across Brighton and beyond, all of which were exclusively available to the latest cohort. And there was one position that particularly caught my eye - Digital Marketing Graduate Intern at Jellyfish.


This internship offered the perfect opportunity to gain more experience in the field I wanted without working for free. I had already undertaken a voluntary digital PR internship, written for various publications and even picked up some cinema marketing shifts alongside my previous box office job. However, I knew I had so much more to learn - in fact, I still do!


Soon after I applied to work at Jellyfish, I was invited for an interview and joined the team a few weeks later. It wasn’t long before I was working on household names and collaborating with colleagues online in South Africa and the United States. To the outside, it might have seemed like I was being thrown in at the deep end but I loved learning on the job and was supported along the way.


I enjoy work that is fast-paced, varied and challenges me, which is why Jellyfish was the perfect fit. I began working as ‘jack of all trades’ across the SEO and Social departments but content soon became my main focus.


A typical day in my internship would involve media monitoring (looking for brand coverage in the news), creating content (blogs, online copy or even eBooks), as well as a whole host of other tasks which could include ideation sessions, research or digital PR outreach.


As the weeks rolled by, I enjoyed work more and more and didn’t want my internship to end. Happily, Jellyfish decided to keep me on and extended my contract beyond my university’s scheme. Then in July 2017, I became a Digital Marketing Assistant. Not long after, in October 2017, I was promoted once again to my current position of Content Marketing Executive.


Nowadays, I continue with similar work. Content creation remains at the core of my role, but daily media monitoring has evolved to be used for clients and I’m still exploring new approaches. I believe that you do your best work when you enjoy your job and are keen to learn. And my internship was a fantastic way to begin my journey.


My advice for anyone considering an opportunity like mine is to simply take it. You never know where a short time contract might lead - you may even end up a full time employee, just like I did!


My 5 top tips for anyone considering being an intern:


1. Be prepared to learn

Work is a big change from learning theories at university. Jellyfish offers all its employees training but as a ‘jack of all trades’ intern, you’ll pick up a variety of skills on the job.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Nobody expects you to know everything without experience so don’t make the mistake of pretending to know something you don’t. No question is a ‘silly’ question.

3. Make your passion known

If you’re interested in something, let people know. I came to Jellyfish with experience in writing and digital PR, so content marketing was a great fit. However, the internship wasn’t originally specific to this department.

4. Remember that we can always learn more

Internships are a great way to learn on the job but they’re not the only way to improve your skills. We are all always learning so keep challenging yourself even once you feel like you’ve settled in.

5. But don’t forget that you also have your own knowledge to offer!

Don’t write yourself off just because you’re new. Bring what you’ve previously learnt to your job, whether at university, a previous placement or even a hobby - no matter how small it may seem. We all have our own interests and skills, so make sure you share!


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