Superior PPC insights via DoubleClick for search

| 29 Jan, 2015

As Jellyfish is now fully integrated with DoubleClick, Matt Read, PPC Director shares the outcomes of DoubleClick and its impact of bid management performance:

As an AdWords practitioner of six years’ adapting to DoubleClick has proven fascinating for managing my campaigns, in particular using one interface for all of our Google AdWords and Yahoo!/Bing network accounts and experimenting with all the features DoubleClick provides that the individual networks don’t.

PPC Director Matt Read compares DoubleClick with AdWords for sophisticated bid management; in particular conversion, optimisation and testing.

Conversion tracking

Conversion tracking in the past has always been about just saying “a user completed this action”, which could be landing on a specific page, buying something or filling in contact details etc. The code would just count a 1 as in “that action has happened” whereas with the DoubleClick Floodlight Pixel we get so much more data. The Floodlight tags pick up product type, product ID, product revenue and more.  

This makes bid management much more sophisticated. Rather than just saying “this keyword has generated X number of conversions” we can see how many of each type of product it has sold, how much actual revenue the keyword has generated and then use this to make the Ad Copy and Landing Page much more targeted to how it performs. 

Advanced bid management with DoubleClick

Using conversion data: National Geographic example


  • a trial
  • an annual subscription
  • a gift

Whereas previously it would detail one conversion per sale regardless of whether it was a trial, annual or gift, now it details all the offers shown, viewable in the DoubleClick interface, and here you can view which keyword delivered how many of each product type:

Categorised conversion data in DoubleClick

The outcome? We can use this data to make sure our Ads and Landing Pages accurately represent the offers people are most interested in and most likely to buy.

Using GA data for optimisation

Google analytics data has always been available to us in AdWords but with DoubleClick it is much more seamless and ready for optimisation.

In DoubleClick it’s really easy to apply columns or add GA data to the graph showing the bounce rate of the keyword, the average page per visit that keyword generates, and even the time on-site etc.

What this gives us is a much bigger picture of the performance of a keyword, not just looking at CTR and Conv. Rate but the whole Interaction Rate of the keyword. Are people finding what they are looking for? Are they browsing round the site? Are they reading the content? Etc.

Landing page testing

Landing page testing with AdWords were typically run by having 2 identical ads but going to separate pages. Or split-testing the 2 landing pages through Google Analytics and splitting this once the user has landed.

The challenges being with AdWords you're running the exact same ad.

With Analytics, it weights the traffic very quickly to the one it deems as winning.

With DoubleClick you can set the landing page test at keyword level and just split the traffic down the middle 50/50. Without automatic weighting you have control, you can leave it going at 50/50 and/or change it over time.

And because it's a keyword level you can run three, four, five, six, seven different ads, and keep all those ad copy texts going because it's only going to split the traffic once the ad has already been decided.

Landing page testing at keyword level

Aside from greater control over more data for better informed and tailored bid strategies, with one view across all accounts you don’t just focus on AdWords and neglect Bing for example, any changes you make you are encouraged to consider across all the accounts.  And by viewing accounts side-by-side you can compare keyword performance and see if they can use the same advert or require different treatment.

From, admittedly, being opposed to change in the first instance, to seeing how bid management with DoubleClick has improved my campaigns, I’m sold. 

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