Google Partners All-Stars Summit

| 10 Sep, 2015

Last week I had the privilege of being invited out to the Google Partners All-Stars Summit in Mountain View, California, where a selected bunch from leading agencies all over the world got together to hear about some of the latest Google innovations and indulge in a few cheeky drinks.

The 3 day conference was fittingly held in the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, just a stone's throw away from the Googleplex head office. Throughout the 3 days there were talks from some of the leading lights at Google as well as companies such as Waze, Irrational Labs and Marketoonist etc.

Here's my rundown of some key takeaways from the event:

It's all about the moments that matter

The overall focus of the talks was centred on the user and how marketing is becoming more and more adaptive to what the individual is actually doing during the moment of searching. It was therefore fitting that the first talk of the day was on "moments marketing" and pushing us to make sure we are in the ad space and delivering the most appropriate results during the moments that matter to the users.

Make the user feel awesome

Don't focus on getting the user to share your brand and make you feel awesome, flip it round and make them feel like a rock star when engaging with you. If interacting with your brand impacts them in a positive way they will keep it up. Promote the user and in return they will promote you.

Media consumption higher than ever

One of the best talks in my opinion was on "Branding in the Digital Age" by Mark McMaster where he discussed how media consumption has risen a whopping 500% in the past 3 years. This means that getting your brand seen and noticed is harder than ever, so we need to be much more creative.

With so much media out there you can't rely on a brand heavy billboard or TV ad to actually get people taking about you. Check out Nike's Livestrong campaign or The Story of Jacob and City Gym as an example. The promotion of the brand was just a natural bi-product of a really exciting and engaging piece of media that got people talking.

Get everyone involved

Fresh eyes is one of the greatest tools in marketing and something that we all have access to. Ask your customers, other departments or just random people what they would do with the brand. A great example of this was presented with Axe who constantly came across red tape every time they created a new ad, so they decided to ask the lawyers to join the creative process and by getting them involved they not only stopped the red tape nightmare they also came up with some completely new and refreshing ideas.

What did they come up with was "wash your balls". Watch the video here.

Checking out the Googleplex

Away from the talks it was a great time to be at the Googleplex to see the unveiling of the new logo as well as getting the chance to take a tour of the offices and Google shop. 

Here are some pictures of me the day before and the day after the big reveal of the new Google logo. Pretty cool huh!

Matt at Google

All in all it was a great event and a privilege to be invited, now looking forward to the chance of being at the 2016 event!

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