Google's seven tips for eCommerce growth in the mobile-first era

Blog | 22 May, 2017

In May, we held an exclusive event; AVO eCommerce: Empower your brand advocates to show share and sell.


Ruth Ballett, Retail Industry Manager at Google agreed to set the scene, before 60 brand attendees watched the AllSaints, Decathlon, treatwell and retail analyst panel debate. 


See the event videos and the ten-point event summary here. 

Or, register your interest for future events. 



Ruth’s introduction gave key reminders of what should be top of the priority list for eCommerce companies right now:


Be mobile-first  

People have multiple devices. We don't go online anymore; we LIVE online, daily. 

Over half of all users will abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load and too many retailers deprioritise their mobile sites.

Consumers simply won’t accept it, they’ll go elsewhere.

TIP: Have you considered progressive web apps or accelerated mobile pages?


Have snackable content

YouTube is one of the platforms giving brand advocates reach they've never quite had before, the scale to get their messages out far and wide.

It’s also brought to light another dominating trend: Consumable, short form content.

People aren't watching long-form TV shows as much anymore, take James Cordon’s carpool Karaoke - people want snackable content.

Be in the right moment

Show up in the moments that matter for your customers. Costa Coffee conducted a locally-targeted message to reach people when they're in a very close vicinity of a store.  Clever.

Be the trustworthy option in search

Are you properly using review extensions and ratings for better search visibility? Here's what it would look like if you were:

Use the right advocates

Are you using the right advocates to reach your consumers in the moments that matter?

Here Homebase and Tesco show how retailer collaborations with influencers on YouTube can deliver a powerful, authentic message.

Be joined up on and offline

Being able to show that digital is driving people in store, as well as growing offline sales is really important.

A piece of research Google did recently shows that for every one mobile online sale, retailers on average also drove four people in store.

TIP: See how Jellyfish helped Total Wine drive in store and online sales with a local strategy

Get more value

Why not blend influencer content with targeted advertising to get the most from your hard work?

Neutrogena light therapy mask is a product for problem, acne prone skin - targeting teenagers.

They put their product ads next to the content, it was timely, clickable and relevant.

By doing this they reached 35% of their target audience - see how here. 

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