Introducing Insights for Google+ pages

| 27 Aug, 2014

I want to know the results of my actions on various social media platforms so that I can feed it back into my client’s objectives and overall strategy.

As a Social Media Manager, I’m forever dipping in and out of various social media monitoring and analytics tools, such as Brandwatch, Google Analytics and Followerwonk.


I’m a big advocate for Google+ and I’m always encouraging clients and those attending one of the Social Media training courses to start using Google+ immediately as now is the time to get your following and strategy right BEFORE your competitors get there. If Google+ still confuses you, have a read of my previous blog posts ‘What is Google+ and why you should be using it’ and ‘How to get started on Google+’

It’s been a pain for me that there were no official Analytics tools for Google+. If I wanted figures on engagement and applause rates, I would have to calculate these myself. I knew that Google+ Insights would be on their way, and sure enough here they are! They are part of the new My Business section, which also includes your brand’s Google+ page, Google Analytics and YouTube channel.

It’s key to any brand to know how their social content is performing and the new tool will provide that key information to help optimise content. What I love about Google+ Insights is its simplicity. Google haven’t overloaded it with data; they have listened to what brands want and have acted accordingly. Brands want to know who their audience are, what they can do to boost engagement (therefore increasing brand awareness) and how visible their brand is. All other metrics such as social referrals and conversions can be seen in Google Analytics, which features within the My Business dashboard.

There are three dashboards within Google+ Insights

This tab gives you four different metrics; photo, profile and post view as well as an all-time total. You’ll get the overall figures as well as how these metrics have trended over time with a line graph.

Facebook Insights users will already be familiar with this format. You’ll get a selection of your most recent posts and how many +1s, shares and comments they had as well as which type of post encourages the most engagement for your brand. You will also get a graph showing the trend over time for engagement which can be drilled down further into +1s, shares and comments.

Who is it that follows your page? Find out your audience growth rate, as well as country, gender and age statistics. You will need to have 200+ followers in order to access country, gender and age statistics.


Social media never sleeps, so Google+ have created a My Business app to provide statistics on the go. You can download the Android app now, with the iOS app available in the App Store soon. 

There has been a lot of talk recently around whether Google+ would still be here in the next year, after the departure of advocate Vic Gundotra. The introduction of Google+ Insights is Google’s way of saying to brands ‘We’re here to stay, so carry on using Google+’.

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