Jellyfish's top ten surprises from BrightonSEO shared with Brand Republic

| 15 Apr, 2015

Following his attendance at 2015's BrightonSEO event, SEO Executive, Josh Salvage shared his top ten most surprising findings with Brand Republic's Wall Blog.

Expert speakers including the likes of Moz writers, specialist suppliers and Google, shed light on the latest SEO implications of content, backlinks, social, machine learning and algorithm and device updates.

For the full article click the image below:

Infographic: top ten surprises from BrightonSEO 2015

Here are Josh's highlights:

Your own web pages competing against your other web pages, or even your own brand sites competing against one another is a real issue - also known as cannibalisation.


If Google recognises duplicate or similar content in-site, in-domain and even with competitors you will be penalised. Aside from ensuring differentiated content, one simple way to counteract in-site cannibalisation is to use a canonical tag to imply to Google what your main page is. 

The surprising part is this simple process is often not done, by small companies and large brands alike.


Josh makes a point about content evolution, in that it is more about the quality of the content from a brand values, visibility and customer engagement perspective, rather than the previous trend of pure 'link bait'.

(Link bait - content that is created, with the main objective of achieving links back to it.)

But he notes that Moz author, Erica McGillivray goes one step further in recognising that Google favours content marketing that has slick, smooth usability on both desktop and mobile.

Subsequently UX is now regularly becoming a key area of focus. 

Payment systems

One to note for e-commerce sites, your payment systems and the ease-of-payment may be more important than you think. 

Websites that store user payment details, or incorporate a mobile optimised payment provider tend to excel in mobile conversions; therefore positively influencing their SEO and SERP performance.

Other themes from the day included the increasing popularity of online reviews over word of mouth, how PR still plays a vital part in integrated marketing, and the multitude of purposes the internet is already fulfilling... begging the question, where are we headed?

Read the Wall Blog article in full or more about Jellyfish's approach to SEO & Social here.  

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