Jellyfish support Demelza's new Eltham Hospice for children

Blog | 05 Dec, 2017

We have recently had the pleasure of creating a mini documentary with Osborne, one of the UK's leading construction businesses, to mark their 50th anniversary by showcasing the refurbishment of Demelza’s Eltham Hospice in South East London.

Demelza Hospice Care provide expert, compassionate care to severely ill children and their families 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This hospice will be a place where seriously ill children will have the space to grow, develop and live life to the fullest.

Andy Steele, Chief Executive at Osborne said: “I am delighted we found the Delmelza Space to Grow project to mark our 50 years in business but most importantly achieve an outcome that will positively impact on the lives of vulnerable children in our society for the next 50.”

Claire Ellis-Waghorn, Head of Fundraising at Delmelza said: “We are so grateful to the team at Osborne and all their wonderful colleagues and suppliers for giving us such a phenomenal gift.'

Abi Howson, Global Head of Video at Jellyfish added: 'We were delighted to be asked to partner with Osborne on the Space to Grow project. Seeing and hearing first hand the impact that the refurbishment has had on on both staff and families has been humbling. It has been a real privilege to donate some of our time and create a video for such a worthy cause.'

You can view the documentary here.

Abi Howson, Global Head of Video, with Penny Lancaster who officially opened the hospice, and Jo Fletcher from Osborne.

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