Jellyfish talk data and content production at BrightonSEO

| 02 Sep, 2014

Creating quality content with data

On the 13th September I am presenting at BrightonSEO, a free search marketing conference, about data and content production. ‘Quality content’ has become a ubiquitous mantra in search marketing. It’s easy to say that the key to a successful marketing campaign is through the generation of quality content, but what does it mean?

When we talk about quality content we’re talking about the difference between real content – content that is desired by readers and the media - and ‘fake’ content, cheaply generated and placed at a price.

How does this relate to data?

Data allows us to identify trends and stories which are of real importance and interest, and there is an abundance of information available on the internet. Data released by government bodies, charities, businesses or sourced through social media APIs or search allows us to create meaningful stories based on data.

My talk will identify some of the best sources of data, how data can be collected, visualised and turned into stories which appeal to editors and readers.

It’s often been said that PR professionals would make great SEOs, thanks to their knowledge of the media landscape and ability to place commercial messages in editorial spaces. My contention is that journalists can actually make a better contribution to search marketing campaigns. Journalists know how to create stories of genuine value, rather than using money or influence to place commercial messages in the media, as is often the case in PR.

Come and check out my talk at 14.30pm on Friday 13th September at the Corn Exchange.

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