Snapchat advertising: Is it right for your brand?

| 24 May, 2016

So 2016 is absolutely going to be the year that we see more and more brands moving over to Snapchat and considering it for a platform that they include in their social media marketing efforts, and this is a great thing.

We know that this is a very engaged demographic and audience. There's over 200 million users on Snapchat and 100 million of those users are active on a daily basis. So again, just super, super engaged. And I love when clients come to us and they say, "Well, what about Snapchat?" And it just opens up the conversation and we get to start talking about the audience and the people that are there and how we can use it for their brand. 

So the two most important points to consider when thinking of Snapchat as a platform for you is, one, who are you talking to? Who is your target audience? Snapchat is 70% owned by the millennial demographic right now. So if your marketing goals are to reach the millennials or to continue to speak to millennials, then Snapchat is absolutely a place where you should start. So the next point that we really need to consider is what's the story going to be? What is the content that we're going to be putting on Snapchat? 

Snapchat users are very aggressively looking for behind the scenes exclusive content. They're not going to settle for something that they can find on your Instagram feed or your Facebook feed. We've got to give them something special. We've got to give them behind the scenes footage, exclusive interviews with someone that you may be working with. We've really got to think about how can we further this relationship that we have with our social audience and give them something more and a reason to follow us on Snapchat.

So another really important thing to consider when thinking about Snapchat is that this isn't going to be a direct sell. We need to really go in to this knowing that this is a way to build brand loyalty and build relationships with our social following. We're not going to be able to send people directly to our website from Snapchat. We really need to build that relationship and give them a reason to continue to want to keep in touch with us. 

To sum it all up, if your target audience is on Snapchat, if you've got a really great story to tell, and if brand loyalty is important to you, then these are all reasons why you should consider Snapchat. And we love to open this conversation up and continue to see how you can use Snapchat as a platform for you. Snapchat has recently come out and said that they're going to devote a lot their time and effort in 2016 into building up their API and building up their advertising opportunities. So this is definitely something that's not going away. We've got to keep it on our radar, and open up the conversation, "Is Snapchat right for you?"

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