Top tips for email deliverability success

| 01 Mar, 2016

Deliverability is important to email marketing because your message might not actually be seen even though you sent it. It might not even make it to the inbox.

You want to make sure that you have a really strong sender score which is essentially the reputation of your IP address. A sender score can be at a range from one to a hundred. You also want to make sure that you're not sending to any spam traps because you don't want to be put in any blacklist. If you're on the blacklist, it's essentially the kiss of death for email for email. Your messages won't be seen at all until you resolve that issue.

Deliverability can be affected by several factors, some within our control and some are not. Things that are within our control are like setting up the digital handshake. That's making sure that your SPF and DKIM records are up to date. You can also control your list in terms of making sure that your list is validated. Setting your email addresses up for validation means that you're double checking to make sure that they are all valid and none of them have turned into spam trap.

Beyond that, it's kind of in the hands of your IP reputation and the behaviours of your audience. So your IP reputation is affected by your sender score and your deliverability rate. You want to make sure you're keeping an eye on that. It's also affected by the campaign level filtering, which is the behaviors that people are having with your campaign as a whole. Are people sending it to junk? Are people opening their emails? Are they engaging with it? The more times your message is being sent to inbox, the more times it's going to go to inbox.

Individual level filtering is how an individual is actually engaging your emails. So the ISPs make sure that they're doing their individual level filtering to support their own reputation for making sure they're sending relevant messages through to the inbox. A couple of surges that can be used to improve deliverability includes making sure that your list is clean and that you don't have any spam traps on there so sending your emails for validation.

You can also keep your eye on your IP health by double checking your sender score and seeing if it makes sense to be on a trusted IP pool or a dedicated IP. You can also ask your email recipients to add your emails to safe sender's list, so this is going to make sure you're in-boxing for them, and you can make sure that you're sending emails that are concise and engaging so that more people are engaging with your messages. In summary, you want to make sure that you're sending to active audiences, and you keep your emails engaging.

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