Update: EU Referendum campaigns seem to be causing little impact

| 16 Jun, 2016

Last month on the blog we took a look at how the official campaigns for the EU Referendum were performing on Twitter.

With only a week to go until the vote on the 23rd of June, we got our social magnifying glass out again to see if anything has changed.

The first map, which analysed hashtag mentions between 13 March and 13 May, looked like this:

The new map looks at mentions between 13 May and 13 June. What’s changed?

The answer is, not much. We’re still seeing similar trends - there were a similar amount of mentions for each camp, with the Leave hashtags getting around twice as many mentions as Remain.

Scotland, Wales and the South of England are the most pro Remain, with the North and East of England the most pro Leave. Having said this, it looks like rural Wales may be turning more towards Leave, with the Home Counties turning more towards Remain.

So despite the militant media campaigns from both sides, it seems like many people may have made their minds up a while ago, and are sticking to their guns.

Let’s see how this translates to real votes on the 23rd.

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