Welcome to our new office in The Shard

| 28 Jul, 2016

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re now in our new office on the 22nd floor of London’s most iconic building, in the heart of London Bridge. 

We’ve created a time-lapse video which shows everything that went into the fit, from the day we ‘got the keys’ and it was a shell of an office, to the beautiful and stylish space it is today. Watch the video above.

What made us open an office in The Shard?

As our business has continued to grow it became evident that there was an increase in demand for our London based training courses, clients looking for agencies with a London presence, and our growing relationship with Google that a London office was now a necessity.


Let us tell you a bit about the story

We quickly identified that London Bridge was a great central location for Jellyfish. It's easy for our clients and staff to get to, with easy access to our other offices in Reigate and Brighton. There was only one office in the area that our CEO, Rob had his heart set on and that was The Shard! It ticked all the right boxes for us and certainly had the wow factor we were looking for.

In January 2016 we had secured 9,000 square feet on the 22 floor of The Shard. The views were incredible and you could already start to see the potential of the space. With views of Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf to the east, London Bridge station, Bermondsey and Crystal Palace to the south and The London Eye, St Pauls and the Thames to the west. This was going to be an incredible workspace in the sky.

Our next task was to find a partner to help us design and bring the space to life. After a two-way pitch, we awarded the project to Workplace Creations, based in Bermondsey. Not only had they impressed us in their pitch response, but their excitement, passion and experience was evident.

First we had to decide on how the office was going to be used. We knew from the demand for our London based training courses that it was going to be important to dedicate a big chunk of space to training. We also wanted to create an open working space with great meeting facilities so we could work flexibly and collaborate with our clients. The final requirement was to accommodate 50 permanent staff that would include the relocation of the Creative and UX teams from our Reigate office.


When entering our office for the first time we wanted visitors to have a positive first impression. When you walk through the double doors you are welcomed by a huge multifaceted wall, containing a large screen and recessed Jellyfish logo.


In front sits an enormous white reception desk made out of pure white Corian. A proper lump and now it's in place almost impossible to move. It looks great and has the desired effect.


The Training facilities

We have designed three dedicated training rooms and a communal breakout space to be used by the Training team. All three training rooms have been designed to the highest technical specification, all with amazing views looking west towards St Pauls. Each room can accommodate 14 trainees comfortably with a different theme in each space. The rooms also have folding walls and can open out to create one big space for events or larger training sessions.

The Bar (TwentyTwo)

The bar area is connected to the training rooms and will be used as a hospitality space for trainees and as informal breakout space for staff and clients. It will also be a great space to entertain and to hold regular events. The interiors are modern but comfortable with the use of mirrors, metal-work, walnut and soft furnishings. There is soft seating in the window area so you can sit in comfort and get uninterrupted views of the city. As the bar is west facing you also get incredible sunsets across the London skyline. We also have a large wall in the bar dedicated to art. We will be commissioning different artists and students to redesign the wall on a quarterly basis to keep the area constantly changing. Watch this space.

Client meeting rooms and hot desking

The central area of the office behind, and to the right of reception is dedicated to client meeting space and hot desking. We have the use of two meeting rooms, a beautiful 14 seater hot desk, soft seating area and access to a kitchen behind reception. Here you can get a coffee from the amazing Top Brewer. It can make coffee or hot chocolate to your exact requirements all through an iPad set into the worktop or through an app on your phone.

The Garden Room

One of the meeting rooms in the corner of the office is called the Garden Room and is a feature room that appears on every floor of The Shard. It's the only place in the building where you can actually open the window!

Working space

The rest of the office is used for permanent staff. We've tried to create a bright and open working environment to help staff focus and get inspired. If the views weren't enough, we've also provided two informal breakout spaces with glass scribble boards, a Lego wall to play with and a well equipped kitchen with an enviable view over London Bridge station.


Most staff have laptops so we encourage people to move about the office and use the spaces we've provided to work and collaborate with their colleagues and clients.

In summary

It's taken six months to complete this project and we've ended up with a working environment that will help us drive our business forward. We are truly proud of what we've achieved with Workplace Creations and we can't help but smile every time we walk through the door. We look forward to welcoming people to the space and hope they will enjoy using it as much as we do.

A massive thanks to everybody involved, especially Ross Wilkinson, Kris Gross, Carl Thornton and Tom Shaw from Workplace Creations who have dedicated their lives for the last six months (and weekends) to make this project a true success.

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