What is Google Analytics 360?

| 17 Mar, 2016

Google just announced its new Google Analytics 360 Suite designed for enterprise-level companies. Anticipated for launch later in 2016, the suite contains 6 integrated products, including the rebranded Google Analytics Premium and Adometry.

The introduction of the 360 suite is something we are exceptionally excited about at Jellyfish. Google has rebuilt all platforms (namely Attribution 360) on the Google architecture, enabling a seamless integration between packages. This means that the sharing of audience lists between Analytics 360 to Audience Centre 360 (and other suite products) is a quick and easy process. This was the main aim of the 360 Suite ‰- unite data to make informed decisions easily, quickly and accurately with Analytics 360 are the core of the suite.

The Google Analytics 360 Suite includes 6 integrated products

Google 360

Updated Features

Analytics 360

Previously Google Analytics Premium, Analytics 360 is the paid, enterprise-level solution for web analytics from Google. The data segmentation is extremely powerful, with available web traffic, mobile app traffic, and offline data, such as CRM information. Google‰'s mindset is to utilise data and insights generated in Analytics 360 to ultimate determine key segments of users that can be leveraged within the suite, for example, define a key set of high worth User IDs, feed this list into Optimise 360 and tailor the content for these users based on previous actions that have taken place. This can then, of course, be analysed within Analytics 360 to determine the success of that particular test.

The massive benefit of this is that we can drive insight directly from Analytics 360 into Optimise 360 or Audience Centre 360 without the need of trying to find workarounds with 3rd party platforms. All of this can be done nearly instantly, so you‰'ll be in a position to generate insight and take action in minutes rather than days.

Tag Manager 360

The new Tag Manager platform builds on Google Tag Manager‰'s existing capabilities, with enterprise-level capabilities that will be rolled out in the upcoming months. Tag Manager 360 also has a new Service Level Agreement (SLA) that covers both serving and interface uptime. For websites/app receiving large amounts of data, a data collection SLA is a bit of a must for accuracy in reporting across your other platforms.

Attribution 360

This is the rebranded version of Adometry. The program provides a full view into a company's marketing investment, and credits the various channels throughout the customer journey. The addition of Attribution 360 pulls the previous stand-alone information from Adometry into the stack and allows companies to look at TV and ad spend, next to digital analytics data. Attribution 360 will be sunsetting the Adometry cookie in favour of the DoubleClick cookie to seamlessly tie this into the 360 suite, so sharing behaviours from Analytics 360 into Attribution 360 will be a possibility, reducing the need for a large amount of double tagging. For those that have used Adometry will know how powerful this attribution tool really is, so the possibility of tying this back into a suite of Google products is certainly an exciting prospect.

New Features

Audience Centre 360

This is the long awaited data management platform (DMP), which will of course natively integrate with DoubleClick and AdWords, but will also integrate with other DSPs. In the same way AdWords and DoubleClick advertisers can build audiences in Google Analytics and easily bring them into Google ad systems, audiences built in Google Audience 360 will be readily available to advertisers. This provides the ability to reach a specific audience or demographic with specific content.

Optimise 360

The Optimise 360 tool goes beyond targeting and testing. It is really about personalisation. Where companies previously ran A/B testing on their sites, now they can use the data from all their channels to create personalized experiences. Suite users can maximize the full breath of their data to target the right content, to the right person, on all owned properties. Needless to say, this is an exciting area of opportunity.

The whole purpose of an analytics solution is to ultimately drive insight and profitability, so integrating the platforms will ultimately bridge the gap and make this a possibility in a significantly easier fashion than before.

Data Studio 360

Sharing is just as important as understanding the data. The new Data Studio 360 evolves the previous Analytics 360 dashboard capabilities, giving more people access to more data. The enhanced platform supports better dashboarding, annotating and the joining of all data sources, including offline. Built from the same infrastructure as Google Docs, users will have the equivalent functionality to edit and share dashboards.

This will also integrate with BigQuery on the fly, so any SQL queries conducted will be updated in real-time within Data Studio 360. For those that have used other 3rd party platforms in the past will certainly understand how powerful this integration is. Creating stunning dashboards and reports will take minutes using a drag-and-drop format.

To keep in mind...

While the new functionalities appear to be a vast improvement over current options, there are a few points to keep in mind.

  • Existing Google Analytics Premium clients will not automatically have access to the full Google Analytics 360 suite. Although, they will automatically start to see the rebranded platform in Analytics 360
  • Pricing is not yet available. However, the different platforms, new and existing, will be available for purchase as stand-alone products, or as a full suite
  • Standard clients will have the ability to buy any of the platforms as a stand-alone product. They are not required to upgrade to the Analytics 360 pricing model
  • The new products are still in beta with limited access. The full suite will progressively be rolled out within the next few months
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