Google Penalty Checker

Google regularly releases updates and new algorithms to continue serving the most relevant and useful search results. Some of these algorithm changes affect the criteria used to determine site rankings, others actively penalize sites which break Google's best practice guidelines or demonstrate poor quality signals.

It's very important that you monitor your website closely on a regular basis to see if your organic traffic and site visibility has been affected by an algorithm update or potential penalty. A penalty could mean lowered rankings, decreased web traffic, and less search visibility.

If your site has been negatively affected by a Google algorithm update, follow these three steps to recovery:


Use penalty checker tools to help you identify what specific penalty you received.

We have a premium partnership with Searchmetrics and use their API for our diagnostics process. This tool allows you to check your SEO visibility timeline and align it with Google algorithm updates.

Another useful tool we like is SEMrush Sensor, which shows volatility in search results for different site categories and countries.

Penalty removal

Address the issues you are penalized for. Ensure you have a robust process in place to methodically resolve the red flags and lift the penalty.


Keep an eye on the future algorithm updates and new releases to future-proof your site. Moz has a record of all major updates, which you can align your organic traffic data with.

You can also keep an eye on recent volatility in search results with Mozcast and Accuranker’s Grump Rating.

We also cover key developments in our blog.

Looking to learn more about Google penalties? We have launched the Jellyfish Google Penalties Hub as the go-to resource for marketers and webmasters for managing website performance and Google algorithm updates.

Access Google Penalties Hub

Still need help identifying the penalty you’ve received, or lack the resources to undertake the work needed to lift it, or have questions? Jellyfish is happy to help! We have an established process and 100% SEO penalty removal record.

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