Video strategy & YouTube optimisation

Video strategy

Wherever you are up to in your digital video journey, we can help.

If you are in the early stages, or have content that just isn’t performing for you, then we can help you write a video content strategy and can of course undertake the production for you or work with your existing suppliers.

If you have commissioned shoots but they haven’t happened yet, we can help you maximise the deliverables from the day by recommending short pieces for social channels that can be captured at the same time, or briefing one of your internal team on how to capture a decent behind the scenes video on their mobile for social use.

If you currently have work in the post production phase, then we can critique edits for you and suggest optimisations along with identifying excerpts that could be compiled to form a 15sec trailer for social, or that could be used as teasers.

If you have invested in video and have a big catalogue of content, then we can perform a video healthcheck for you and analyse usage and user behaviour to gather insights to apply to future strategy. See more about our audits below.

Configure & optimise

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. Does your YouTube channel reflect your SEO efforts and investment?

A properly configured and optimised YouTube channel enables you to:

  • Increase the number of subscribers on your channel
  • Build your reputation and brand awareness
  • Engage better with your audience
  • Create customised, targeted and relevant content by understanding your audience
  • Articulate your brand benefits with flexibility across multiple forms without being bound by media placements and time limits


Through auditing, we review the configuration and analytics of your channel to understand your audience and their behaviour.

These learnings are then presented with our recommendations.

These recommendations will take the form of:

  • General – for example, linking your GA account
  • Channel – for example, optimising playlist titles based on search terms.
  • Video – for example, adding and optimising CTAs and end cards

We can undertake these recommendations for you and then feedback on the work done. Alternatively, we can run a workshop with your internal team so that they can maintain the channel going forwards. We can work on an adhoc basis, charging by the hour on any further consultation, or of course, any combination of the above!

We've worked pretty hard to ensure our YouTube channel is optimised for your audience. 

We met Jellyfish after a recommendation from a partner organisation – and they didn’t disappoint. Our brief was to optimise our YouTube channel and provide Sport England with expert advice on how we could maximise its reach.

Paul Cottam Head of Editorial, Sport England
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