Google Analytics 360 driving greater customer insight

Jellyfish work with to improve visibility of customer behaviour through Google Analytics 360 implementation and training. are one of the fastest growing international fashion retailers, and are one the UK’s largest pure-play online retail store. With over 20 million hits per day, it is crucial that understand the behaviour of their customers to further drive growth.

Better marketing decisions are enabled by delving deeper into the site activity. The upgrade to Google Analytics 360 enables that insight, with Jellyfish on hand to guide the team through it.

The brief

Currently selling products into over 100 countries, wanted to support their ongoing growth and empower their teams to fully understand customer behavior through robust internal processes.
This was so they could enable simple, effective customer journeys, improve personalized marketing efforts and provide optimum returns from a best-in-class digital experience.'s teams were working across Coremetrics and Classic Google Analytics as well as a legacy Tag Management Solution. They wanted to simplify and structure their data for an enhanced experience and appropriate marketing messages for their customers.

The objectives

  • Effectively optimize two separate eCommerce platforms with large website inventories
  • Improve local geographic customer service, across the US, EMEA, and Oceania
  • Achieve more accurate data for analysis-based decision-making
  • Reduce internal processes and time spent managing and deploying tags
  • Reduce high-maintenance costs and the disrupted data resulting from multiple systems
  • Organize hundreds of tags across multiple containers for better management and reports


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I am extremely happy with the way Jellyfish have helped develop the opportunities now presented by our data insights.

Dan O'Reilly Web Analyst -

The solution

Jellyfish migrated onto Google Analytics 360 (formerly Google Analytics Premium) in 2014 and subsequently transferred them to the free Tag Manager 360 solution. The transition was done quickly and efficiently so as not to impact performance in the short term, and to enhance long-term data management.

Optimum reporting structures

By looking at how’s regional and functional teams worked, we defined what each department required from their reporting. After transferring existing tags from Coremetrics to Google Analytics 360, we created specific events and custom dimensions for their needs. This meant we were able to create profile view filters to empower everyone through quick access to their reporting data sets, within just a couple of clicks.

CRM synced cross-device tracking

By creating a user ID and encrypting it to match the CRM contacts, full user journey analysis across multiple browsers and devices was available. As a result, knows when a customer goes to any of their websites, regardless of the device they use - even if a purchase was started on one device and completed on another.

Enhanced eCommerce was implemented to measure the full user shopping experience; from product and offer impressions to shopping basket interactions and checkout process, and behavior.

We migrated all third-party tags to Tag Manager 360, ensuring it was served through only one container to enable easy, highly-organised future tag management. Through multiple customer loyalty dimensions and in-depth revenue data, can now analyze how initial purchase amount directly influences the potential lifetime value (LTV) of a customer and market accordingly.

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Jellyfish’s implementation allows to use their data layer to its full potential. It also uncovered legacy issues, such as multiple firing and incorrect attribution. This inaccurate legacy attribution meant that had been paying its affiliates higher than agreed commissions, with no visibility of this occurring.

Accurate data & budget optimization

Google Tag Manager 360 now provides vast flexibility. From everyday page views and standard event tracking, to form listeners within registration pages, as well as Google's enhanced eCommerce that can now track and analyze KPIs in great detail. Rich insights can also be gleaned from unsampled data providing accurate information to base marketing decisions. BigQuery and DoubleClick are now delivering advanced user behavior analysis and marketing budget optimization.

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  • Same day tag implementation as opposed to nearly a week

  • More granular reports with 18 new tailored report views for different teams and continents

  • A simple-to-use solution that’s resulting in significant financial savings per quarter

  • Those savings can now be invested in customer retention and acquisition marketing for growth

  • Enhanced in-house skills from on and offsite expert training for staff

  • Google's Service Level Agreement, offering a data protection guarantee

  • A minimum uptime of 99.9% at no extra cost

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