Benefits of Google AdWords' Seller Ratings Extension

| 10 Sep, 2014

AdWords extensions are a great way to increase your click-through rate (CTR), lower cost per click (CPC), and increase user engagement with a brand; and the Seller Ratings ad extension is no exception.

Including this extension will incorporate your Google Product Search rating into your ad, lending credibility. It's been our experience that searchers like to be reassured by product ratings and reviews before confirming their decision. Even if that decision is just a click.

What Exactly Are Seller Ratings?

Seller ratings list a 5-star rating directly under the display URL within your AdWords ad. The number of stars associated with your product or service is based on a collection of review data received from third-party review sites. This extension allows users to click through and read the reviews, which in turn, increases engagement. Highlighting these rating and reviews ultimately helps build consumer trust in a product or service.

ad listing with sell ratings extension

Seller ratings not only increase SERP real estate but also add color and a visual buying signal to your ad. Other ad extensions are text only and can blend in with the original ad copy. Since search ads are no longer set apart by a light yellow background, seller ratings insert color again, helping your ad to stand out.

Example of Seller Ratings' Success

Seller ratings have a positive impact on CTR Š—– improving an advertiserŠ—Ès quality score and lowering the CPC. By improving CTR, your conversion rate is also likely to increase.

Our client, EZ Landlord Forms, recently launched seller ratings in their ad copy. Two weeks after launching the extension, the CTR increased 8%. Not only did we see an immediate improvement, but also noticed that CTR increased when compared to the same time period the year before. A time period when, historically, CTR was declining.

CTR YOY before and after seller ratings brand launch

The EZ Landlord Forms brand campaigns experienced a 21.06% increase in CTR year over year (YoY) after seller ratings ad extensions were launched. The improved CTR also helped in reversing 2013Š—'s trend of a decreasing CTR for the same time period.


CTR YOY before and after sell rating for non-brand launch

Seller ratings' ad extensions also contributed to a 71.98% increase in CTR year over year (YoY) for the clientŠ—'s non-brand campaigns. The non-brand campaigns were similar to the brand campaigns in that they also enjoyed an improved CTR that helped in reversing 2013Š—'s trend of a decreasing CTR for the same period.


How to Implement Seller Ratings

So how can you set up seller ratings and get your own successful results? A seller ratings' extension is automatically added to search ads when three criteria are met for an online merchantŠ—'s website.

  • Rated in Google Shopping, Google Trusted Stores or trusted independent review sites
  • With 3.5 stars or more
  • And has accumulated at least 30 reviews in the past 12 months

In order to achieve these three aspects, the steps are simple:

  1. Partner with an eligible review source (either Google or an independent site)
  2. Create (and implement) a communication plan
    In order for users to review your product or service, they must be aware that they have the option to do so! EZ Landlord Forms emailed customers shortly after a purchase was executed thanking them and asking them to write a review.
  3. Have patience and a good business
    It may take time to accumulate 30 solid reviews, but itŠ—'s worth the wait. If you find you are having trouble hitting the mark, consider expanding your communication plan.
  4. Enjoy your bright, more colorful search ad, and measure your success!
    Just think of how great your brand will look with its bright stars compared to competitors who did not earn their stars yet.

AdWord extensions help you stand out from the crowd

What Are You Waiting For?

Implementing seller ratings reassures users of your product or service Š—– a huge asset to building brand trust. Seller ratings also generate a higher click through rate, which leads to an improved quality score, lower the cost per click and better user engagement. If we could rate this ad extension, weŠ—Èd give it 5 stars!


This post was written with substantial contribution from Michael Verni, PPC Associate at Jellyfish.

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