eMarketer Programmatic Advertising Report Features James Bourner

| 19 Oct, 2015

eMarketer released its annual report for 2015, featuring JellyfishŠ—Ès Head of Display James Bourner. The report is compiled by eMarketerŠ—Ès in-house analysts, researchers and forecasters, as well experts from leading agencies, brands, publishers and ad tech firms.

The report examines the current adoption of programmatic practices and provides estimates for current investment in US programmatic display ad spending. It also highlights areas of focus likely to drive growth and innovations in the next 12 to 24 months.

Key takeaways includes:

  • For the first time, the amount of US display spending transacted programmatically will surpass that of traditional direct sales.
  • Mobile programmatic display ad spending will eclipse desktop ad dollars this year, accounting for 60.5% of all programmatic digital display spending. By 2017, more than 75% of every ad dollar invested programmatically will got to mobile
  • Programmatic spending on social media advertising has overwhelmingly gone to two sellers, Facebook and Twitter. Similarly, YouTube rules when it comes to programmatic digital video ad spending.
  • Video is rapidly growing, as video ad spending is expected to total $1.14B in 2015, and will more than double in 2016



To download the full report,ξgo to eMarketer.

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