How not to step in the Google Penguin Bucket

| 05 Jun, 2015

Senior SEO Manager Josh Patterson has written an article published in Smart Business. The article aims to help businesses who are trying to achieve superior Google rankings and understand the impacts of algorithm changes from Google.

Below are some highlights from the article:

"Many of today's digital marketers are understandably a bit envious of their predecessors who were able to achieve superior Google rankings and SECO utilizing quick win and ethically questionable tactics.

But as we know, things changed in 2011 when Google released Panda, its first search algorithm iteration specifically targeting grey/black hat SEO tactics, looking beyond keywords alone and penalizing sites are quality factors relating to content.

A year after introducing Panda, Google released another significant algorithm update Š—” Penguin, which was designed specifically to demote sites that Google believed were using unnatural link tactics to garner high rankings. This meant that SEOs who formerly solicited links to their sites regardless of the source had to start paying attention to those details.

While some companies continue to deploy questionable tactics known to leave sites sitting in the Google "penalty box," there are an even greater number of companies that while trying to follow proper SEO protocol find themselves caught up in an algorithmic penalty. With the latest of the Google algorithm updates, Penguin 3.0, launching in October, here is some advice in the hope that clarifying a few prevailing misconceptions can help avoid the proverbial Penguin bucket and return penalized websites to relevance."

To read the full article on Smart Business click here.

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