Jellyfish pinpoint how to create searchable content that converts in Fidelity Magazine

| 27 Jul, 2015

Jellyfish’s Senior Content Manager, Alan Cairns, shared surprisingly simple ways to approach content marketing and SEO with Fidelity for their July edition of FWD magazine.

More and more people are using search to help them make informed decisions; whilst Google continually evolve the search landscape to be more user-oriented. 
View the online version of Alan's article on Fidelilty's Fund Network website:

Fidelity Funds Network
So whether you are a consumer or a business looking for information to educate or entertain, search and the content is for much more than final decisions and brands are growing their content offerings to cater to these knowledge journeys. 

Alan’s top three SEO pointers for content:

  • Put the emphasis on the audience
  • Optimise for multiple marketing channels
  • Ensure you’re offering a good user experience and they will come

Useful content
People may be searching for content like reviews, opinions and experiences, looking at competitors and ‘big content’.
The good news is search isn’t so much about understanding algorithms, code and tricks anymore it’s about understanding users and how to develop content that fulfils their needs.
The great thing about Google is they tailor search to users intent, Google algorithm update iterations prove this.
Google’s philosophy is focus on the user and all else will follow, your online behaviour needs to echo this.

Don't make the mistake of assumptions 
Not learning what the audience truly want by listening to your data can mean large-scale negative impacts on the outcome of your content strategy.
For example’s study ‘The Value of Advice’ revealed what their financial advisers believed customers were most interested in seeking advice about:

  • Inheritance
  • Critical illness
  • Long-term care

When in fact their genuine areas of interest were:

  • Mortgages
  • Life insurance
  • Savings

Alan's final thoughts sum up a successful content strategy approach:

“Businesss must look beyond sales conversions and more broadly at the purchase funnel and how to interact with users throughout their journey. Providing informative content at every stage on this journey will help build trust and authority”.

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