Jellyfish support Atlantic Row 2013 in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

| 21 Jan, 2014

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Jellyfish UK are supporting Atlantic Row 2013 in the worldŠ—'s toughest rowing race currently taking place across the Atlantic ocean.

Atlantic Row 2013 are one of the teams competing in the 3,000 mile Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, which kicked off on Wednesday 4th December 2013.


The Atlantic Row 2013 team consists of Dan Howie, 29, and Will North, 28, both from the UK. They have been battling the winds of the Atlantic Ocean in their two-man boat, Blue Steel and capsized twice. Along with fifteen other teams, Dan and Will started the daring challenge from La Gomera in the Canary Islands and will end in Antigua in the Caribbean. Aiming to complete the row in sixty days or less, they also hope to raise £200,000 for their three chosen charities - Cancer Research UKLeukaemia & Lymphoma Research and St AnnaŠ—'s.

As part of our support for this extreme fundraising venture, Jellyfish are 'digitally powering' Atlantic Row 2013 whilst they are doing the hard work out on the ocean.

"The success of what weŠ—'re doing doesnŠ—'t rely solely on what we do," explained Dan. "Its also about how people find us online, how many followers we have on our social channels and who reads our blog. All this is vital to getting the message across and ultimately encouraging people to donate. We could win the race but that isnŠ—'t enough. So what Jellyfish have done and are doing to promote us is just phenomenal."

Will added, "When we started thinking about how we were going to spread the word about our participation in the challenge, we realised that an integral part of this would be a strong online presence. We already knew some of the team at Jellyfish and were aware of their reputation, therefore were more than confident in their abilities. WeŠ—'ve seen them work and they rock. We also need support on our social channels whilst we're at sea as we might be a little busy battling giant waves and fending off sharks to tackle this oursleves! Technical restrictions also apply!"

After being delayed for three days due to bad weather, the race finally started on the 4th December. However, 48 hours into the challenge one of the worst storms in the races history hit La Gomera and pushed the majority of the teams back to the start. This led to two of the other teams having to pull out after capsizing. Atlantic Row have also faced extra challenges after their autopilot failed soon into the race, so they have been foot steering the whole way. Since then Dan and Will have been faced with cleaning the boat in shark infested waters, near concussions by flying fish and heavy winds fighting against them the majority of the way. Despite these setbacks, which would put off even the strongest of us here at the Jellyfish offices, Dan and Will have kept morale up by thinking of the finish line (and what meal theyŠ—Ère going to have!) They are currently in fourth place overall and first in the pairs category.

With hopefully just under a week to go, Atlantic Row are on schedule to complete the race at some point on Monday 27th February. The work doesn't stop there for us however; there will be many interviews, as well as plenty of photos and videos to showcase.

If you want to learn more about Atlantic Row 2013, visit the website.

You can also follow them by clicking on the social icons below.

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