Marketing Week feature Jellyfish and Nestle to examine creative's role in programmatic

| 18 Jun, 2015

Marketing Week feature the Jellyfish and Nestle case study in ‘How to combine creativity with programmatic buying’ and tackle how to get the most from programmatic buying, whilst not compromising on your brand creative.

Click the image below for the full article:

Econsultancy programmatic buying statistics, Marketing Week article

Programmatic may allow data to match adverts to audiences, but engagement still relies on effective advertising, and therefore it’s creative.

The article examines the key creative opportunities presented and gaps that still exist in programmatic ad buying:

Programmatic to drive sales

Marketing Week refer to our Nestlé client campaign and how we increased brand awareness through programmatic display that complemented Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee machine TV adverts.

This required joined up online creative to support the offline TV adverts, and by enabling users to continue their journey seemlessly, we were able to achieve 91% of ads reaching new visitors and viewability 21 percentage points higher than IAB standards.

Viewability was not the only measurement Nestlé used to understand the success of campaign, the campaign proved that programmatic is not all about the top of the funnel, because it also drove and increased coffee machine sales.

For more information about the Nescafé Dolce Gusto case study click here.

Primary benefits of programmatic

Marketing Week highlights the main benefits of programmatic, according to those surveyed for the Econsultancy Programmatic Branding report, to be:

  • 64% experienced increased efficiency
  • 58% saw a reduction in overall advertising costs
  • 56% valued the ability to optimise in real time
  • 52% benefited from the opportunity to use first-party data

What programmatic can’t yet do

Programmatic is maturing, but the opportunities for it to develop further are there, including buying web-page takeovers and in-app placements (where ads appear as users navigate an application), which you can’t do just yet.

The Econsultancy Programmatic Branding report says that just over half of those surveyed (53%) agree that effective attribution of sales and conversions to specific ads and marketing creative is going to  be the key to further investment in programmatic branding.

Other creative ways to get the most out of your programmatic campaigns

  • Telling a brand story through sequential ads
  • Customise your real-time intelligence on your programmatic platform
  • Use programmatic results and campaign analytics to inform future campaigns

An interesting note to end on was that a 2014 poll by AOL found that 47% of agencies, publishers and brands believe programmatic is leading to new forms of creativity and storytelling in advertising...

Find out more about how Jellyfish can help with your programmatic display campaign here.

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