Staveley Head Trucker of the Year competition goes viral with 160% growth in SEO visibility and 6500 shares

| 02 Aug, 2016

Staveley Head and Jellyfish rise to the challenge of catching the attention of Truckers and HGV drivers through a robust content marketing and social media campaign.

UK fleet insurance has traditionally been dominated by large, well-funded corporates and comparison sites. As a result the task was set to drive awareness among their very niche target market and reach new online audiences in a fun, inspirational way.

Sharing the love Jellyfish pioneered the UK’s first ever ‘Trucker of the Year’ competition using a combination of PR, social and content to engage the HGV driving community for the vehicle insurance provider.

The highly emotive campaign spoke to the daily challenges and joys truckers and drivers face and leveraged PR partnerships with Trucking Magazine and Truckstop News; providing the winner with a prize package that included an exclusive print and online interview in Trucking Magazine.

The campaign inspired drivers to share the things that they love most about their job, while family and friends provided nominations to recognize drivers’ passion for and dedication to their jobs using the #TruckerOfTheYear hashtag.

Trucker of the year

The competition cemented the Staveley Head brand as a key member of the trucking community, winning them an Insurance Marketing and PR Award.

Pieces of coverage statistics

Including broadcast coverage on local radio and placements in these national newspapers:

Newspaper Logos

The results

  • 1.5 million campaign views
  • 300,000 users organically reached across Facebook and Twitter
  • 1900 engaged users
  • 7% - 40% increased share of voice vs. peers
  • Broadcast television coverage, print media and radio
  • 160% growth in SEO visibility
Brand mentions

Social reach

With over six thousand and five hundred social shares, the competition resonated strongly with the audience with minimal investment:

Facebook organic & paid results

  • 269,545 people reached (42% organic)
  • 18,848 engaged users (7% engagement rate)

Organic Twitter results

  • 49,034 impressions
  • 1,067 engagements
  • 2.18% engagement rate

Less than £250 ad spend delivered

  • 156,633 people reached
  • 200,545 impressions
  • 9,847 link clicks
  • 10,774 post engagements

£100 Ad Spend Delivered

  • 16,104 impressions
  • 485 engagements
  • 3.01% engagement rate

Staveley Head’s Marketing Manager, James McManus, said of the campaign:  

“We were delighted with the results of the Trucker of the Year campaign and thoroughly enjoyed working on it with the team at Jellyfish. To be shortlisted for the award, against some of the biggest names in the insurance industry, was an achievement in itself but to win it highlights just how strong the campaign performance was. ”

Jellyfish’s Social Media Manager, Alice Reeves added:

“This campaign was a brilliant example of the power of niche marketing. Through social listening we identified HGV drivers as a highly engaged online community, and Trucker of the Year tapped into something that they were truly passionate about. We were able to deliver fantastic results in terms of brand awareness, increased online mentions, share of voice against competitors, traffic to the site and influencer engagement on a relatively low spend because our audience were incredibly willing to share and engage. Social media marketing isn’t about being a salesperson, it’s about being a member of a community and Trucker of the Year encapsulated that concept perfectly.”

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