The Anatomy of an Email

| 10 Feb, 2016

In email marketing, people can engage with your messages in two ways, and that's by opening or clicking. I'm going to walk you through the different parts of an email that affect both the open and the click.

So first, you have your list selection. You want to make sure that you're selecting the appropriate list so that way your message is relevant when people receive it. Next, you have your inbox. So in your inbox, the things that will affect your open are: the day and time that you're sending it, who you're sending it from, your subject line, and the preheader. When you're in the inbox, though, you're competing against this space with many others. So you want to make sure that you have a good subject line, preheader, and that you're sending it at the right date and time that people will be engaging with your emails.

Next, you have the actual email. So in the email, you can either choose to show the preheader or have it hidden. And usually there's a little bit of a logo, some hero space here. People can have text or call to actions in the hero space as well as images. And you want to make sure you have a good balance between imagery and text.ξ

You also need to make sure that you have your footer information. Your footer information's going to include all of the CAN-SPAM requirements: that's your unsubscribe link, your postal address, and any legal disclaimers that you may have. You can also have some social icons here or choose to put them in the upper. You want to make sure that you have them though so people can engage in many ways.

There's also call to actions that will be included and all of these features that I've talked about both in the inbox and in the email can be tested. When you're testing, you want to make sure that you're testing one thing at a time so that you can really read your results.

And if you like this video, please feel free to watch all of our others.

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