Top 5 DoubleClick Search product releases and updates from 2015

| 21 Jan, 2016

As certified DoubleClick Channel Partners, weŠ—'ve been keeping tabs and want to share what we think are the top five product releases and updates from 2015.

Our global PPC team uses these in our daily management and has seen great success when it comes to time management, performance efficiencies, and reporting functionalities.


1. Bid Strategy Forecast Tool

When unsure of a CPA or ROAS target to set for a new bid strategy, take advantage of the bid strategy forecast tool. The forecast tool gives estimates on the targets needed to achieve a specific range of conversions. When managing paid search efforts, find your best ROI target by experimenting with bid strategy settings. DoubleClick Search (DS) recommends minimum and maximum bids, maximum CPA, or position range depending on the kind of bid strategy you want to run. The forecasting tool also gives you an idea of how the bid strategy will perform based on how much it will spend in a given week.


For now, DS can forecast performance for the following types of bid strategies:ξ

  • Goals: Conversions or Revenue
  • Targets: CPA, ERS, or ROAS target
  • Engines: AdWords and Bing Ads


Make sure youŠ—'re aware of the following:

  • While DS does forecast performance for bid strategies that specify constraints, the effect of those constraints is not shown in the forecast.
  • Forecasts assume an unlimited campaign budget; therefore, may suggest a CPA or other spend target that is beyond the budget youŠ—Ève set for a campaign.


weekly conversions


2. Improved Executive Reporting

WeŠ—Ère all about DoubleClickŠ—s Executive Reporting feature. DS allows you to present performance metrics to clients without manually downloading the information. DSŠ—'s full integration makes our daily, weekly and monthly reporting more efficientŠ—”allowing us to focus on more important tasks at hand. Over the past year, DoubleClick released numerous feature updates for Executive Reports:


  • Site Link Charts and Tables - WeŠ—'re now able to add charts and tables that are segmented by sitelinks to our executive reports.
  • Effective Report Sharing - With the option to now download an executive report in PDF, weŠ—'re able to share reports more efficiently with our internal team as well as the client.
  • Device Filters - Š—“DeviceŠ— added to a list of available filters. Game changer for advertisers who want to see the specific desktop, tablet, and mobile performance metrics. Now build charts and tables specific to device type.
  • Automatic Reporting - Create a schedule and let DoubleClick Search automatically run your executive reports as frequently as youŠ—'re like. After DS generates the report, you can share, download, and print it out.

For step by step instructions on setup, visit DoubleClick Search Help.


3. Adjustable Attribution Models for Google Analytics

Give more credit to clicks on paid search ads higher up in the funnel with Google AnalyticsŠ— (GA) alternate attribution model column. This feature allows advertisers to adjust attribution models for GAŠ—Ès activities regardless of which attribution you select. This can give insight into keywords that donŠ—Èt directly drive performance but are a component that leads to conversion.


4. Š—“Mobile App InstallsŠ— Campaigns

DS now gives advertisers the ability to create an AdWords Š—“Mobile app installsŠ— campaign within the interface. These campaigns focus on driving app downloads, only appear on phones or tablets, and they land directly on your app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. For Android apps, you can track downloads and installs as well as attribute those conversions to specific ads and keywords.

mobile app installs


5. Test and Validate Your Creative Through Ad Copy Testing

DoubleClickŠ—s release of their ad copy testing feature has made testing both more impactful and more efficient. Running these tests determine which ads within an ad group are best at helping you achieve your conversion goals by starting all the ads at the same time and displaying them evenly. We can pinpoint what works and what doesnŠ—'t by testing specific parts of the copy, like the headline or call-to-action. The test automates the process and equalizes other variables, such as the device type, that may impact performance. This focuses the test on accurately measuring and comparing ad performance based on the ad copy. When the test completes, DS scores performance of each ad in the test. You can pause poor performing ads or decide to have the ads continue to run if there isn't a significant difference.

For step-by-step instructions on implementing an ad copy test, check out DoubleClick Search Help.

ad copy testing


These features have been invaluable to Jellyfish in 2015 and we know that they can prove invaluable to you, too. Visit our DoubleClick Search page to learn more.

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