Optimisation Manager

Optimisation Manager

Barcelona, ES
Salary: €Competitive

The Role

You will be an individual with extensive demonstrable experience & passion for Conversion Optimisation, Personalisation & Usability, towards given goals & deliverables.

You will have a proven track-record and will be focusing on Optimisation research, planning, testing strategy and implementation, management & reporting on projects and stand-alone optimisation deliverables.

You will be primarily responsible for delivering optimisation products and services both used within and sold externally to Jellyfish clients.

You will be providing project-led feedback for helping Jellyfish develop the products, processes, methodology & strategy within bigger technology stacks & agency contexts.

The Optimisation Manager is responsible for leading the strategy and efficient day to day management of assigned client accounts, focusing on successful optimisation of their properties and channels, client retention and gross Jellyfish profit growth.

The Optimisation Manager works also closely with the Director of Optimisation, the Project Managers and the Account Managers/Directors to effectively scope, plan and communicate campaign strategy, activity, progress and results.

The Optimisation Manager provides project-led feedback for helping Jellyfish develop the products, processes and methodology


  • Reporting to the Optimisation Director to deliver & evolve the journey and landing pages optimisation function & process
  • Delivers tactically excellent Optimisation services for clients
  • Experienced in running A/B split, multi-page, funnel and multivariate (MVT) testing to improve customer experience and increase site conversion
  • Ability to plan, execute & manage high quality landing page optimisation projects and website usability audits in a timely manner and within budget. 
  • Responsible and accountable for the overall satisfaction, the day-to-day communication and relationship with the clients as well as their retention.
  • Through the delivery of successful campaigns, the Optimisation Manager continuously grows the recurring revenue of the clients delivering year on year growth.
  • Proactively provides ideas for increasing the net profitability and average life value of the client projects they’re accountable for.
  • Ability to troubleshoot and spot existing issues with Client optimisation tests/projects & landing pages and present results internally or externally through the production of high quality documentation, as well as verbally.
  • Produce detailed client facing website audits & usability reports, surfacing trends and recommending areas for improvement of both websites and related marketing activity, identifying areas of opportunity to improve conversion through usability enhancements.
  • Work closely with the Optimisation Director to produce Jellyfish point of view and best practice guides for distribution to clients and on the company blog. 

Experience Required

  • Evident experience in digital marketing Optimisation and the creation, optimisation and testing management of website journeys & landing pages as well as accountability for big annual billings
  • Experienced in using main-stream A/B and multi-variant testing technologies (ie. Google’s Optimize & Optimize 360, Optimizely, Adobe’s Test &Target. Experience in Oracle Maxymizer, Unbounce, Qubit or other testing platforms is an advantage.
  • Good understanding of the optimisation industry, is aware of the latest tools, techniques and methodologies like ML, AI and how they’re being applied in different verticals
  • A good understanding of the GA360 Suite and its synergies within the Google stack would be an advantage
  • Past experience and/or knowledge in managing optimisation campaigns using marketing automation tools like Marketo, Monetate, OptiMove, Barriliance, Dynamic Yield, Emarsys, Pure360, PureClarity, Yusp would be an advantage.
  • Strong understanding of Jellyfish’s marketplace and informed in new and emerging initiatives
  • You are informed in terms of competitors offering and how the Jellyfish solution compares.

Skill Requirements

  • Confident in guiding other individuals and working in teams
  • Excellent understanding of how to use web analytics (eg. Google Analytics 360, Adobe Analytics, etc.) and the ability to story-tell towards optimisation recommendations
  • Strong understanding and experience on how to use user behaviour monitoring data & user behaviour capture platforms (heat-mapping, live user testing, surveys, etc).
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • Understanding of how to apply user-centred interaction design & mainstream usability principles & methodologies when forming optimisation recommendations.
  • Understanding of how to use prototyping & wire-framing tools to communicate recommendations to the creative team
  • Any design skills (Photoshop, InDesign, etc.) would be an advantage.
  • Working closely with development, design and marketing teams the understanding of Big Query, Google Tag Manager, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, mainstream CMS technology, is a definite advantage.
  • The understanding of the extended Google stack and Google 360 Suite synergies, Machine Learning, mainstream CRM and marketing automation technologies is a definite advantage.
  • Ability to confidently present pieces of work to clients from a wide range of verticals.
  • Ability (or keen to learn how) to train clients on Conversion Optimisation and evangelize the benefits of Optimisation internally & externally

Key Attributes

  • A valued team member, who upholds Jellyfish’s values and professional integrity at all times.
  • A self-motivated individual with a positive approach and high levels of energy
  • Flexible, versatile, ability to thrive & laugh under pressure
  • Open, honest and direct, is comfortable in giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Proven best industry practices, data driven hypothesis and testing methodology are the pillars of focus in all cases
  • Results orientated always strives to increase revenue for the client and achieve desired success targets.
  • Ability to excel & deliver within an environment of teamwork and collaboration
  • The ability to act both tactically and strategically
  • Will be driving for user centric, usable, design and customer experience (CX) that above all converts for all given objectives
  • An outgoing, positive thinker, with consistent levels of evident enthusiasm.
  • Excellent time management skills; never misses deadlines.
  • Has high personal standards and promotes them in others
  • Internally evangelising the benefits of conversion optimisation to account directors and other stakeholders across multiple geographic business areas
  • Always paying attention to details, you are diligent in being on time on internal reporting and administrative tasks
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