Facebook's announced it will be ending its ad-server Atlas' services and all advertisers must switch to another platform. While Facebook will allow the next few months for advertisers to transition, the Atlas platform will be completely shut down before the end of 2017.

For those currently on Atlas, the idea of switching ad-servers may seem daunting. But in fact, it is a great time to audit your account structure to ensure you are being efficient with your placements and strategies. It is also an excellent opportunity to sync up your technologies, think about how to streamline processes, and evaluate how you perform ad operations internally (or externally).

The Jellyfish team are experts in facilitating the transition from Atlas and will work with your team to shift to a new platform. We are well versed in several ad-servers. However, we recommend our clients switch from Atlas to DoubleClick. 

Below are the top 6 reasons why advertisers on Atlas should switch to DoubleClick Campaign Manager.

1. Easy to use

Likely, your practitioners are going to be spending all day, every day in platform. Intuitive designs and ease-of-use are essential. Furthermore, a poor user interface can be an even bigger hindrance if an ad-server also has poor customer service.

DoubleClick Campaign Manager allows users to clearly identify the site, placement, and creative without toggling between pages. The intuitive and streamlined interface allows all-in-one workflow, is easy to learn, and quick to navigate. Advertisers have the ability to update and automate campaigns in minutes with in-line bulk edits, and two-way sync. Additionally, DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partners, like Jellyfish, provide on-call technical support.

2. Unified Platform

One of the biggest pluses to switching to DoubleClick is that all of Google's marketing solutions work in unison in one streamlined platform. DCM easily connects with other technology such as your tag manager, DSP, or analytics platforms.

Tag Manager

You most likely utilize some kind of tag manager system, such as Google Tag Manager, to manage every tag for every campaign including social in one place. DoubleClick Campaign Manager easily integrates with Google Tag Manager, as well as other tag managers such as Adobe Tag Manager, Ensighten, Tealium, etc. You don’t necessarily need to change over to a Google product to integrate with DoubleClick.

DSP and Paid Search data

DoubleClick's ad server, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, serves as the central hub to create and store floodlights that can be used in paid search ads, through DoubleClick Search, and/or other programmatic advertising through DoubleClick Bid Manager.

Analytics Platform

The benefit to a unified platform is that even without formal attribution technology, you can start to see basic path reporting and understand user journey for paid media where you’ve attached floodlight tags. This allows you to better understand your channel mix and be more efficient with your budget through seamless integration with DoubleClick's programmatic, creative and analytic solutions.

3. Cost

As with anything, you get what you pay for. One of the biggest draws of Facebook's Atlas was an extremely low price point. However, Atlas had a limited reach compared to GDN or DoubleClick Campaign Manager. According to Datanyze Atlas had less than 7% of the reach DoubleClick does.

However, DoubleClick does offer competitive pricing in the marketplace where advertisers pay on CPM model, by impression.

4. Credibility and Ad Fraud Protection

Protection against ad fraud is a major concern for all advertisers. DoubleClick verification is built right into the platform – ensuring that your ads were served to the person you intended to serve it to. Integration with DoubleClick Verification makes verifying campaigns a seamless part of your workflow.

Active View tracks the proportion of your ads that are actually viewed, with no extra work or tagging for you to do. Additionally, DoubleClick provides ad-blocking features to ensure you’re not serving ads next to inappropriate content.

5. Technology support

Changing ad-servers will require a bit of training and technology support, no matter how experienced your team is. DoubleClick offers a guaranteed support team through the DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partners program.

As a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner, Jellyfish provides access, management, training, implementation, and consulting services across Google’s digital marketing solutions. Our service models vary from self-service to fully integrated account management across the DoubleClick and Google Analytics platforms.

Whether you need support running your entire paid media campaigns, consulting on bid strategies or troubleshooting technical issues, our team is available 24/7 to simplify the transition, and advance your campaigns.

6. Advanced reporting capabilities

DoubleClick generates holistic, customizable reports across screens and formats. The Report Builder tool is very flexible. The default dashboards offer a great starting point, but the tool also allows for all metrics and dimensions to be pulled into custom reports.

Consumers are increasingly switching between devices on the path to conversion. With DoubleClick's reporting, you can understand how your audience engages across devices with segmentation based on new and existing tags or custom variables powered by floodlights.  Find your audience on any device with device-aware tags, HTML5 support, and mobile targeting.

The cross-device measurement, which works across all buying tools (DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager, and DoubleClick Search) allows advertisers to gain insights on the true performance of their campaigns.


If you have more questions about DoubleClick, contact our team today.

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