Performance & measurement

Email is among the most measurable forms of direct marketing.

It is important to know what your key performance indicators (KPIs) are prior to deployment to ensure your email has been set up to measure your success.

Beyond standard performance reporting, we provide custom analysis that evaluates performance compared directly to your goals.

Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) is the practice of utilizing all of the available data to deliver more meaningful messages. Predictive analytics will utilize data from multiple sources such as social and email engagement, website activity, and conversion behaviors to determine the trends that begin to form.

Many marketing automation systems will assist with this forecasting when engagement scoring is implemented. The hypothesis can be formed around what indicates long-term engagement, advocates, conversions, and attrition. This information can be applied to assess the potential Lifetime Value (LTV) of given segments and allow your marketing teams to prioritize messages and efforts to maximize profitability.


Deliverability is important. Even though you deployed your email campaign, it doesn’t mean people are actually seeing it. Your email could end up in spam for any number of reasons.

If you don’t keep an eye on your deliverability rates, you could end up on blacklists without even knowing it. A blacklist is essentially the kiss of death when it comes to email. One of the most important indicators is your sender score. A sender score is like a credit score, it can fluctuate based on your activity. The higher the score, the better sender reputation you have. The sender score is based on a scale of 1-100. 

Some factors that affect deliverability are in your control and some you can only influence. The ones in your control are the digital handshake, your list health, and in some ways, your IP reputation. Deliverability is something we spend a lot of time ensuring, after all, what a waste of hard work if the email doesn't even get into your customer's inbox.

Digital handshake

The digital handshake is two pieces of coding, the DKIM, which stands for Domain Keys Identified Mail and the SPF record, which stands for Sender Policy Framework.

Both pieces need to be implemented at the server level. This tells the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) that this domain and IP have permission to send emails on your behalf.

Don't panic, this is equally something we have fully covered when we design, build and dispatch email campaigns.

List health

Your list health will also affect deliverability. You want to ensure your email list has been active in the last 3-6 months.

If you have a bulk of addresses that have not been engaging with your campaigns for an extended period of time or are new to your file, you will want to verify that they are in fact good addresses.

The concern is that your list may contain spam traps or have a low deliverability rate. We can help audit your lists and make recommendations on improvement.

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