Five ways for brands to get blogger network relationships and advocates

| 09 Dec, 2015

Do you want to reach the right audiences, grow your pool of brand advocates and get new customers via blogger networks?

We asked the bloggers themselves how brands can get and keep their attention to harness the relationship long-term and grow brand communities.


Last week Jellyfish Training launched its blogger initiative with the Social Society: Digital Training evening for bloggers.

The event gave bloggers an opportunity to network, take a mini course in SEO, Google Analytics or Social Media and have some one-to-one practitioner time.

To get the blogger‰'s perspective of working with brands, the evening kicked off with an open forum so they could air their thoughts on what works and what doesn‰'t when it comes to brand/agency/blogger relations.


Top takeways to get the most out of your blogger relationships:

1. Offer experiences

It‰'s not about what you can offer the blogger but what the experience you give can do to help bloggers engage with their readership. Their reader‰'s experience takes priority.

2. Think long-term for ongoing advocacy

Bloggers appreciate longevity in their relationships with brands, don‰'t just use a blogger, get what you need, and drop them.

Keep the relationship going and you‰'ll end up building a lasting rapport and friendship, as well as making them and their audience ongoing advocates.

3. Get personal

Emails are still king. Although initial contact via social media can begin a relationship, bloggers still appreciate the time and effort a contact email takes. It‰'s a more personal approach that goes a long way.

4. Be a Brand with integrity

#BloggersRequired doesn‰'t always resonate well. Casting a wide net by leveraging a blogger hashtag on Twitter doesn‰'t always have the desired affect. It's impersonal and untargeted to each bloggers unique niche and tone.

5. Be sincere to hook the best bloggers

The best bloggers have invested time and passion building their valued, targeted audience, demonstrating you understand this will set you apart.

It‰'s the first rule of blogger collaborations but we'll say it again: whatever you are offering a blogger must be relevant to them, their readers, and their blog.


Blogger digital upskill training

After the open forum bloggers were introduced to their Jellyfish trainers and the mini courses commenced.

The atmosphere was fantastic, engaged and energetic - no one wanted to break for food! This was followed by Q&A sessions with practitioners, bloggers could ask individual questions relevant to their blog.

As the event drew to a close there was a great opportunity to network amongst the bloggers and swap business cards for future collaborations.

Each blogger left with their training manual and a list of actionable insights and knowledge.


Thank you bloggers!

With a massive thank you to all the bloggers who attended and made the event such a success, Charlotte from Yummy Vegan Ramblings, Jools Stone, Sarah from Mummy Powers, Sarah Booker & Adventures with Wool and Cotton, Georgia from Love On the Wall, Sarah from Modern Bric a Brac, Fran from The Graphic Foodie, Deborah from Diary of An Honest Woman and the unstoppable blogger duo Danielle and Natalie from Lady Loves Fashion.


Want help with your Outreach strategy?

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Want to apply for the next blogger digital training?

If you are a blogger and would be interested in attending our next Social Society: Digital Training event please get in touch.

Alternatively, see all training courses here.

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