BVE 2016: Key takeaways

| 25 Feb, 2016

BVE is the UK‰'s largest event for professional filmmakers, broadcasters and anyone involved in creating visual and audio content.

It not only showcases the latest technologies (cameras, lights, lenses, etc) but it offers much more. For me this is a great place to meet colleagues that love what they do as much as I do and share some insights into our jobs and latest cinematography adventures.

I personally am an avid blog reader and every day I spend at least an hour reading about new technologies coming out, cinematography techniques and editing tricks, so for me BVE is the perfect place to see, feel and have a play with all the new things that I‰'ve been reading about. If I‰'m actually looking to buy new equipment this is the best place for me to make a decision.

Every year I try to attend at least one of the three days on which the event runs and watch as many seminars as I can.

There was one seminar called ‰'Lighting on the run: Running on LED' by Jonathan Harrison that wasn‰'t new to me as I‰'ve seen Jonathan speaking on several occasions about how to light in run and gun films. However, this was the first time he spoke solely about LED lights. He discussed how these lights are becoming better year after year and demonstrated the very latest LED technology coming out in 2016 using a live image and model. The latest LEDs are bright, colour correctable, stable and come with battery options and high quality controllable optics, both soft and hard sources.

It struck me that Jonathan, a faithful user of tungsten lights such as Diva, Celeb and Kino Flos from KINO FLO LIGHTING SYSTEMS and a lot of other tungsten lights from DEDOLIGHT, was only using LED lights for the first time in his seminar. But as I mentioned before, these new LED lights are coming of age and they provide speed, efficiency and the potential to be creative with flexibility and versatility without compromising the final glossy image that most cinematographers create using mainly tungsten base lights.

Out of the exhibitors, the thing that caught my attention most (and much to my own surprise wasn‰'t the new Cooke lens or the latest Alexa camera) was a new creative platform, a sort of social network for filmmakers. I had heard about this some time last year and it's been in a beta/invite-only stage for a while. Three months ago the platform officially launched and became open to everyone.

MOVIDIAM is a global creative network that connects filmmakers with brands and agencies who are looking to collaborate on film projects, potentially making the process of finding work, hiring talent (and getting paid) more streamlined and efficient. Creating a profile is free all across the board, whether you're a brand, agency, or filmmaker, and organizing and managing projects, as well as communication with your team, all happens within the platform.


The platform simplifies the way film projects are briefed, managed, executed and billed while also safeguarding quality, as every filmmaker joining the network has been carefully screened by an expert member of the Movidiam team.

I had the chance to have a chat with Alex Vero (co-founder of Movidiam) and he showed me on a computer how it works and looks. He also said that they have over 17,000 registrations across almost 200 countries, including Oscar and BAFTA winning filmmakers.

Here is a summary of some of the features of Movidiam:

  • Connect globally with brands, agencies and filmmakers
  • Profile work and create amazing portfolios
  • Manage all your projects and organise teams in one place
  • Pay and get paid using our secure payment system
  • Keep track of feedback, revisions and project communications
  • Become part of the global creative filmmaking community
  • Create a business profile: creating a professional company account where team members can be added to profiles
  • Location-specific search: along with being able to search by role or name, users can now find others based just on location
  • Dropbox integration: file storage integration with Dropbox can carry all your files over onto the platform for use in your projects or otherwise
  • Open to public for viewing and sign up - no longer an invite-only basis. Everybody can sign up, invite their network and be a part of the Movidiam community
  • Share to Facebook and Twitter: users can now share media, links and posts straight from Movidiam onto their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • SoundCloud integration ‰- users can embed their sound design/music work into their portfolios
  • Mobile accessible features

BVE 2016 has been as good or better than previous years. I completely recommend anyone in the industry to go to this event; it‰'s free (and full of goodies to take home too). I can‰'t wait to see what BVE 2017 is going to bring us!

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