Calculated Metrics in Google Analytics explained

| 23 Nov, 2015

Richard Robertson shares what Calculated Metrics could mean for your analytics insights, including the difference between Google Analytics Standard and Premium and the opportunities they present for reporting.

Premium vs. Standard

Calculated metrics are currently in beta.

Once this feature is released, premium versions will get fifty calculated metrics per view whereas standard will only get five.

What are the benefits of calculated metrics?

You can use both standard and custom metrics, giving you the ability to improve customer journeys by creating conversion and completion rate for every journey.

Applying calculated metrics against different dimensions will allow you not just to know that goal X is down against goal Y, but will allow you to pinpoint which segments are causing this.

Reporting efficiencies

You can now have all of your metrics, reports and dashboards within Google Analytics.

Calculated metrics allows you to report on even more KPIs, and reports can be sent straight out of Google Analytics, meaning you no longer need to export data and manually edit it, freeing up more time for more detailed insights.

Calculated metrics examples

You can create average transaction per user that can be used against different landing pages.

You can also create average revenue per session that can be used against different dimensions in Google Analytics.

There are countless combinations of calculated metrics that you can create with this new feature.

Learn more about Google Analytics and Calculated Metrics on their support pages here

Alternatively get in touch with us to see how we can help host, manage or provide training for your analytics


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