DoubleClick Leadership Summit: LiveStream Updates

Blog | 20 Jul, 2016

User experience has always been a top priority for Google and a driving force behind each of their groundbreaking innovations. The newest innovations from DoubleClick are no exception.

During the DoubleClick Leadership Summit, Paul Muret, VP of Display, Video and Analytics at Google, presented the newest updates to the DoubleClick platform. Paul focused on a three major innovations to improve customer experiences:

  • Increasing ad loading speeds
  • Integrating native ads
  • Expanding video capabilities

Faster mobile ads

Mobile ads can take, on average, 19 seconds to load. In our lightning speed culture, that can feel like an eternity – and a missed opportunity for both publishers and advertisers.

To help increase mobile web ad speeds, Google has partnered with a collection of publishers and other tech companies to launch the open sources Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP). Early research shows that mobile web pages that use AMP HTML load 4X faster and use 10X less data on average than non-AMP mobile web pages.


As part of the AMP program, Google unveiled two new features:

  • AMP for Ads allows advertisers to build beautifully designed ads that allow both the publisher’s content and the advertiser’s creative to load simultaneously at AMP-speed.
  • AMP Landing Pages are custom built pages by the advertisers that have quick page load speeds, as well as allow the user to continue to have an AMP experience.

Native ads with DoubleClick

Native advertising has been a hot topic in the advertising industry, allowing advertisers to create ads that maintain the look and feel of the surrounding content on a publisher’s site. However, until now, the process has been mostly manual for advertisers. At the Livestream, DoubleClick announced that advertisers can now buy native ads programmatically across all screens through DoubleClick Bid Manager.

Advertisers are able to upload the components of an ad (headline, image, text, etc.) and DoubleClick will assemble the ad to fit within the context of the publisher’s site, instead of uploading fully-designed creative.


Increase in Programmatic Video

With a 550% increase in programmatic video revenue from TV & media companies in 2015, there are now more places than ever to deliver video ads. In response, DoubleClick expanded access for all advertisers to use 360 Trueview ads. Paul also unveiled Outstream Video. Outstream video allows advertisers to buy video ads on traditional publisher sites and publishers to tap into traditional TV budgets. 


Global Partnership with Time Warner Inc.

In addition to the very exciting new product features, Google announced the strategic partnership between DoubleClick and Time Warner Inc. DoubleClick will work with all of Time Warner’s business, networks, agencies and brands to deliver programmatic buying, ad-serving, and measurement. As a result, the number of Programmatic Direct deals on DoubleClick Ad Exchange tripled.

We must deliver exceptional experiences, on every platform & on every screen. In order to achieve this, we must have the best content. But, we also need to have the best distribution partners & we need to have the best technology so that we can activate.

Kristen O’Hara CMO of Time Warner Inc.

Through the technology enhancements, Google is aiming to maximise yield, reduce complexity, and protect the user experience. Jellyfish is proud to bring these evolutions to our clients as a DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner.

As a DCMP we are eager to start leveraging the upcoming enhancements & capabilities into our clients’ digital landscapes. With the growth of programmatic native in the platform there are endless opportunities for successful & scalable campaign strategies.

Kevin Buerger EVP, Managing Director Jellyfish

For more information about Google’s announcements, read DoubleClick's blog post

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