Real World Attribution Webinar

Blog | 11 May, 2017

We know that measuring success solely on last-click can lead to a poor distribution of budget across channels and a lack of understanding of your customer's journey. Unfortunately, the idea of venturing into the unfamiliar territory of advanced attribution models can be quite daunting for marketers.


In this webinar, you'll learn how you can take the first steps in establishing an attribution model so that you can better represent the full customer journey in your measurement. A smarter model can help marketers increase ROI through more informed budget allocation. Led by Jellyfish Senior Account Director, Sean Oakley, and Data Marketing Manager, Robby Douglas, this informational session provides a better understanding of attribution and actionable strategies to start your journey including:

  • What is Attribution?
  • What are the benefits and pitfalls of different attribution models?
  • How to use DoubleClick Campaign Manager to better understand your customer journeys?
  • What steps can be taken today to improve my view of the customer journey?


What is Attribution

Think of attribution like your commute to work. You walk out your front door to the bus stop, take a bus to the commuter line, a train you your office, and then finally an elevator to your office desk. In a last click model, the elevator would receive all the credit for getting you to work.  But without the bus and the train you would not have gotten there. Attribution allows you to see the full journey, and give credit to each touch point that gets you to your final destination.


Attribution Models

There is a spectrum of different way to record and give value to touch points in the user journey. The webinar discusses several models. Each model has its own value and it’s important to understand its place within your strategy.

The graph above show steps along the way to understand beyond last click. It’s a slow journey so start at the bottom corner with last click and progress to the top right where the most advanced modeling is data-driven with tracked spend.
Be deliberate in picking which attribution model is best for you or your client. No data is always better than bad data. Do not rush into a solution you are not comfortable and confident in.


Tell the right story

The process is cyclical and constantly evolving. There are 5 steps at Jellyfish we use to help tell each client's story:
1.    Analyze where each tactic fits in the user journey by comparing conversion values for first, linear, and last touch models in DoubleClick Campaign Manager.
2.    Determine which media tactics are receiving too much or too little credit with last click attribution.
3.    Apply a new base model that will better depict what we have been missing my looking at last click.
4.    Customize the base model to fit uniquely to your user journey.
5.    Re-evaluate when new media tactics are introduced.

Watch the full webinar to dive deeper into attribution and identify steps you can take today. Interested in other webinars? Check out our Data-Driven Creative Strategies Webinar

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