Social Media: Key takeaways from January 2017

Blog | 06 Feb, 2017

Happy New Year!

It’s February I know, but I haven’t had the chance to write for Jellyfish in 2017 yet. Now that the formalities are behind us, let’s dive in straight away, because January set up the pace for another exciting year for social media marketing. 

What's the latest at Facebook?

Facebook Live can now be broadcast from computers

Facebook is making it easier than ever to produce Live content. With this update, Pages are now able to launch their broadcast anytime and anywhere, as long as broadcasters are equipped with an Internet connection and a camera - two essentials that we all keep at the ready these days.

Facebook is copying yet another popular Snapchat feature: Stories

The launch of Stories on Instagram has been a resounding success – it now reaches 150 users daily, just over 6 months after being introduced. Now, Facebook is reportedly maneuvering to launch Stories on its platform as well. Knowing Facebook and the speed it innovates, expect an official announcement in the coming weeks. 

Facebook is working on ways to read thoughts, job adverts suggest

Facebook already possesses your personal data but is keen to go even further and collect your thoughts too. At least, that’s what a series of new job adverts suggest: Facebook’s on the hunt for a “brain-computer interface engineer” and a “neural imaging engineer” to “accomplish bold things”. In June 2016, CEO Zuckerberg predicted what the future of communication holds: “I think you’re going to be able to capture a thought, what you’re thinking or feeling, in its kind of ideal and perfect form in your head and be able to share that”. 

Facebook tests mid-roll video ads

Facebook’s been looking over his shoulder and, similar to what’s done on TV, will soon roll out mid-roll video ads – if initial ongoing tests meet (or exceed!) expectations. With this new type of ad, Live videos will be interrupted by commercial messages, something that some pundits predict will pose numerous new creative challenges to keep viewers engaged.

Shorter, off-peak posts will increase Facebook engagements, report suggests

A new report cracked down on Facebook engagement. Analyzing 800 million posts, the researchers found that engagement drops significantly when posts are longer than 50 characters. Sharing long-form articles reaped the most engagement and sharing content during off-peak times also proved to be a tried and true tactic.

How about Twitter?

Twitter is replacing the Moments tab with a new Explore tab

Twitter is positioning itself as a News discovery business. Heading down this route, it replaced Moments by a new tab on its app, called Explore. Explore will host Moments, search, trending hashtags as well as featured live videos all in one place. It’s nothing new in terms of individual functionalities – Twitter just reorganized its app to provide a more compelling user experience.

Twitter’s NFL streams averaged 265,800 viewers per minute across 10 games

Twitter’s not doing great on a lot of fronts, but there’s a glimmer of hope – viewership of live sporting events is encouraging. Across broadcasting 10 second-rate NFL games last year, total in-game audience averaged 2.7 million users and trended upward until the last two games.

Do we really want the ability to edit our Tweets?

In last month’s edition of the social media roundup, we reported that Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey was looking into ways to give users the ability to edit their tweets. But is this something users want? Some do, others don’t, saying that it would kill the true essence of Twitter: spontaneity. For more user opinions, click the headline.

Over to Instagram

Instagram introduces ads within Stories

 We saw it coming – ads have been introduced to Instagram Stories and will be served to its 150 daily users. Only a selection of 30 major brands can push ads for now, but it is expected that ads will be available to everyone and globally fairly soon. Fortunately, all promoted photos and videos will be skippable and will appear between Stories, so your friend’s 10-part report on his journey to work will not be interrupted. Thanks for that!

Instagram stories is stealing Snapchat’s users

The plan is working. After stealing Snapchat’s feature, Instagram is stealing its users. Snap Stories have been declining since Instagram Stories launched, and the drop is as high as 40% according to some reports. Influencer marketing platform theAmplify’s CEO supported the findings. Referring to view counts, he said: “On average our influencer community is seeing 28 percent higher open rate on Instagram than Snapchat”.


The latest with Snapchat

Snapchat is worth $25 billion dollars

Snapchat will enter the NYSE in March and is valued at a whopping $25 billion. Remember that Facebook offered just $3 billion when it tried to acquire Snapchat back in 2013. But as view counts on Snapchat Stories are dropping, CEO Evan Spiegel is trying to reinvent its company and steer it in a new direction. In New York, Snap Inc has opened a Spectacles pop-up store – could Snapchat become a fully-fledged camera company?

Snapchat’s adding a new search bar, the first step towards improved search functionality

Until now, Snapchat strived for exclusivity over functionality. Users have a great time to share content with their contacts but content discovery outside people they already knew wasn’t the easiest of tasks. The update, rolled out in early January, did not exactly address the issue fully – the search bar just makes it easier to connect with your contacts - but is certainly the first stage of a wider in-app search strategy that will encourage users to discover content – and stick around. More to come soon, no doubt!

Snapchat is in talks for big ad deals ahead of IPO

As Snapchat will soon make its debut on the New York Stock Exchange, investors are looking for assurances that Snapchat will be a profitable investment. And Snap Inc works to reassure them as it is seeking ad-spending commitments of $100 to $200 million from the biggest names in the advertising industry, such as WPP, Omnicom or Publicis.

Latest news with LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s website is getting a fresh new design – here’s your first look

‘Simple’ is the name of the game here. With the new layout, LinkedIn did away with the overwhelming home page and adopted a Messenger-like messaging function. Profiles have also benefited from the makeover, with a new clean layout inspired by the one in place on LinkedIn’s mobile app.

LinkedIn reveals the 10 most overused marketing buzzwords on CVs And profiles

Are you strategic, creative, passionate, and experienced with a strong leadership? If so, your LinkedIn profile is probably not standing out from the crowd. Indeed, these are just 5 of the top 10 marketing buzzwords used on LinkedIn. Next time you’re visiting a profile, why not play a game of ‘buzzword bingo’?

Pinterest update

Pinterest gives you more control over budgets and objectives

Pinterest is trying to woo marketers with a new advertising level to its campaign structure: Ad group. With it, marketers will be given a better reflection of how their ads are performing, giving them the tools to optimize campaigns and maximize ROI.   

And in other news...

Why marketers should be paying attention to Twitch

Let’s clear things up: Twitch is not the right fit for every business - but if yours is even remotely linked to gaming, Twitch might be a platform worth looking into. Because the community is massive and hooked: 100 million monthly viewers spend an average of 1.5 hours a day on Twitch. Just to compare, users spend only 50 minutes on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram combined!

4 in 10 adults say they’ve bought something they saw on social media

Yes, social media is a purchase influencer! That’s what a study conducted in the US market found out, with 42% of respondents admitting that they already bought something after seeing it on social media, and a further 45% saying that social media had somewhat of an influence in their purchase decisions. In terms of platforms, Facebook is the most influential of them all - Pinterest took 2nd spot.

Top 10 social media marketing predictions for 2017

It’s January, so to wrap things up, we’ll leave you with the traditional industry predictions for the year ahead. According to the experts, 2017 will be filled with (micro) influencer marketing, smarter targeting tactics, and high-quality photography.

Until next month folks!

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